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The Post Credit Crunch Finance Team Report

Ref. NE-01881


The economic climate is continuing to challenge businesses in unprecedented ways but advantages do exist for organisations that place their finance team at the centre of their business.


This 2009 Robert Half Executive Roundtable Series 'The Post Credit Crunch Finance Team' examined the impact of the credit crunch and global recession on organisations’ finance functions in the public and private sectors across the UK.


Finance leaders talked frankly and passionately about the impact on the roles and responsibilities of finance teams today and how this would shape the teams of the future.


Get your copy of this insightful report now and learn about:

  • What challenges businesses and finance teams are facing today 
  • How finance teams are coping with increased workloads and less staff
  • Steps companies are taking to overcome reduced morale whilst creating loyalty for future success
  • Post credit crunch opportunities for finance teams and leaders


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