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In addition to identifying recruitment and workplace trends through our daily interactions with companies and job seekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and employment issues. Read our latest press releases and research findings, including results from our ongoing surveys of CFOs and other senior executives including CIOs and HR Directors.

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Latest Press Releases

As well as press releases on current workplace topics, you can also read our complete archive of press releases from recent years.

Businesses regret almost half of new hires as skills shortage intensifies

In today's tight candidate market, businesses are feeling the heat - but rushing and compromising on core requirements is leaving them with costly bad hires and regret

Growth-support roles lead salary increases for UK professionals

As businesses adopt ambitious growth strategies for the year ahead, salaries for growth-driving roles are increasing at a rapid pace. For those in the HR, marketing and tech sectors, there are huge opportunities for pay increases in both now and in the year to come.

Half of counteroffers successful as hiring crisis continues

In a tight candidate market, counteroffers are commonplace, but is it worth it? Robert Half research suggests that counteroffers are effective as a short-term measure, but ultimately, three-quarters of employees who accept counteroffers will have left within a year.

Only nine FTSE 100 companies headed by women, study finds

Despite a drive for diversity at the top and numerous initiatives to support the progression of women in the workplace, Robert Half's FTSE 100 CEO Tracker reveals that only nine CEOs running FTSE 100 companies are women.

Nearly half of younger workers are prepared to leave their jobs over ESG

ESG is moving into the mainstream, and heightened ethical awareness has made it a vital tool for hiring and recruitment. With 38 per cent of employees prepared to leave their current company if they fail to do more on ESG, employers clearly need to step up to the challenge.