Why a career in IT is a wise choice

By Robert Half on 20th April 2016

Whether you are working towards your next promotion or preparing to ask for more money at your next performance review, having an understanding of the IT industry will put you in good stead.

The good news is, right now, the hiring market is lining up well as companies continue to seek out IT talent to meet the current skills shortfall. Businesses are eager to add talented IT professionals to their teams who can support business transformation, the introduction of cloud technology and the delivery of new online offerings. What’s more, they are willing to pay for the skills that are most in demand. The Robert Half Salary Guide uncovered mobile app developers are seeing the highest starting salary increases of all professional roles, and it doesn’t stop there. Of the top five roles seeing the highest starting salary gains in 2016, three of those roles are in IT.

The world is becoming increasingly integrated with technology and as a result progressing a career in IT will see your career travel to new heights.

View our slideshare on the opportunities an IT career provides

If you are thinking about making a change, make sure you enter the job market with a winning IT CV and search our current jobs to see what new opportunities may be of interest to you. 

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