4 ideas to spring clean your life for career success

By Robert Half on 15th March 2018

Spring heralds the time of year when we all begin to clear out the old to make way for the new. The start of the year is also an excellent time to look at goals within your personal and professional life, and ways you can clear away the clutter that’s stopping you from getting there. 

Here are some practical spring cleaning tips that can help you accelerate your career, whether you’re planning to change roles or improve your current one. 

1. Clean up your CV

You can pick up a lot of extra weight on your CV over the years, some of which can become outdated and irrelevant over time. Take some time out to check the following points:

  • Contact information

Personal details and contact information are the most frequently overlooked area of a CV and one which can easily cost you a job offer. Re-read your CV and make sure that you’ve swapped old contact details for new and that they’re in an easy-to-find location on the page.

  • Courses and qualifications

Does your CV still boast that you’re proficient in word processing? Or that you’ve mastered a piece of software long since updated and overhauled? You can increase how hireable you are by simply ensuring that the skills you’re selling are in-demand for your role and industry. 

  • Hobbies and interests

The final section of your CV should be dedicated to your hobbies and interests, so that an employer can get a sense of whether you’d be a good cultural fit. If yours are no longer reflective of your leisure time, clear them out and refresh the content. 

  • Your personal statement

A personal statement should reflect your professional goals and motivations, which will naturally change and develop over the years. Revisit what you wrote and clear out all the antiquated goals, replacing them with the ones you hold now.

If you want to start from fresh you can generate your CV with our online CV template.

If you have been working with a recruitment consultant, make sure you reach out to let them know that you details have changed. That way you won’t miss out on any “passive” job searches.

2. Tidy up your working life

Are you still on track to achieve your career goals or are you coasting along comfortably? Employees who feel that their work is interesting and meaningful are 3.2 times more likely to be happy at work, so in the spirit of spring cleaning, stop to consider what the last goal you achieved was. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a win, it might be time to sit down with your manager and work on your career development plan, so you can get back on track.

3. Start a fresh job search

It can take something as simple as the act of spring cleaning your life to make you realise that your current role is no longer ticking all the boxes. Begin spring by planning your next career move and searching new, available jobs. 

By checking a hiring industry report, like our Salary Guide, and searching for open roles, you’ll get a much better sense of what you’re worth and the skills new employers are looking for within your industry. This will put you in a far stronger position for career progression.

4. Put your work-life balance back into order

Do you find yourself checking your work phone after hours, or staying behind into the evening to catch up? Springtime could be a great opportunity for you to put your work-life balance back into order

Make a commitment to start taking lunch breaks, leaving on time and using your holiday allocation. Professionals and businesses are beginning to recognise the benefits of remote working, so this may also be something you could request to help bring things back in line. If you feel as though company culture doesn’t promote a healthy work-life balance for employees, it may be time to look for somewhere that does.

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