Best career and leadership podcasts to add to your listening list in 2019

By Robert Half on 4th April 2019

Plugging into a podcast can help you maximise your time by providing access to ‘hands-free’ learning and insights, while you get on with other tasks. It’s free career advice that will keep you feeling inspired and motivated throughout the year. If you're not sure about your leadership skills we have a helpful quiz below our podcast list to help get you going!

Here’s a selection of career boosting, inspirational podcasts which can help you reach your goals in 2019.

1. How to be awesome at your job

Who: Pete Mockaitis — coach and consultant for Google, McKinsey, Amazon and Goldman Sachs
Where: How to be awesome at your job
Episode length: 50 minutes
Themes: career growth/development

This podcast was created for professionals who find they aren’t necessarily getting the job advice or career development support they need from their employers. Each episode features a thought leader from a different industry, sharing advice on presence, productivity, thinking, communication, relationships and career management.  

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2. The Broad Experience

Who: Ashley Milne-Tyte — writer, radio reporter and consultant
Where: iTunes, Acast, RadioPublic or Stitcher
Episode length: 20 minutes
Themes: women in the workplace

Using the word ‘broad’ as a clever play on the American slang for ‘woman’, this show aims to discuss the big issues faced by modern women at work. Episodes touch on race, class, and sexuality in the workplace through discussions with influential guests. The show has garnered praise from The Guardian, The Financial Times, Fortune, The Economist and more.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

Who: Tim Ferriss — Fortune 500’s 50 under 50, five-time bestselling author, tech investor
Where: The Tim Ferriss Show, Spotify, Overcast
Episode length: 100+ minutes
Themes: New tactics for success

Tim Ferriss is renowned in the world of career advice podcasting—his is the number one business podcast on Apple and routinely includes an impressive roster of celebrity interviewees. Tim deconstructs the careers of successful individuals to find the tricks, tools and tactics they use and how it can be applied in your life. His second podcast, Tribe of Mentors, is also a helpful listen.

4. How did you get into that?

Who: Grant Baldwin — speaker, podcaster, author and entrepreneur
Where: iTunes, Stitcher
Episode length: 30 minutes
Themes: Starting a career

Grant Baldwin’s podcast is ideal for people wanting to start a career, change of careers advice, or tips on starting a business. Each episode features an interview with entrepreneurs, musicians, authors, bloggers, teachers, engineers and more, examining how they started their career, as well as motivational tips and inspiration.  

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5. Manager Tools

Who: Manager Tools LLC — management and consulting firm
Where: iTunes, Manager Tools 
Episode length: 30 minutes
Themes: leadership development

Developed for managers and directors, the Manager Tools podcast aims to provide leadership advice which covers every base. Episodes explore topics such as hiring, performance reviews, building and maintaining professional relationships, and workplace communication.

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Mixing in career and leadership podcasts to your normal playlist will ensure that you keep your career development top of mind throughout the year, so that you can continue to small, but tangible changes that support your continual growth. Delve into your leadership skills by taking our leadership quiz!


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