C# Developers: are you being paid enough for your skill set?

By Robert Half on 6th June 2017

Technology plays a bigger part in our economy than ever before. With more companies putting heavy emphasis on hiring tech talent into their ranks, it’s never been more important for tech professionals to know their worth.

Read on to find out how you can assess your own salary and, if necessary, negotiate a better one.

How valuable is a C# Developer role in the UK?

The British technology industry has been described as our greatest success story. It’s attracted £28bn in investment since 2011 and is currently outpacing everyone else in Europe. Information technology research and advisory company, Gartner, has predicted that new digital businesses will need five times more tech roles by the year 2018, compared with the number in demand today.

C# Developers are some of the most sought-after tech professionals in the industry at present, and your C# Developer jobs salary should be reflective of this.

Although job satisfaction and company culture are huge factors in workplace happiness, securing the appropriate salary is all part of feeling valued for the unique skills you bring to the team. With that in mind, are you being paid enough for your skill set?

How to work out whether your salary is reasonable

Your salary is based on where you live, your skill set, and is benchmarked against what other professionals in similar roles are being paid. For example, C# developer jobs in London are able to attract higher salaries than those in other regions of the UK.

Our research shows that on average, salaries for UK-based IT and tech professionals will rise by roughly 3.8% this year (2017).

At present, candidates with five or more years’ experience in C# development are being offered salaries in the same region as professionals with 10-plus years’ experience. Incentive enough to check your own area and salary against the average!

Using a number of sources—most notably real-world insights obtained through daily candidate placements—we created The Salary Guide which is used by companies up and down the UK to value each role.

Aside from industry expertise, the guide is also based on market observations, independent research and information from HM Revenue and Customs. It’s a reliable, rock-solid foundation for you to base your predictions on.

After looking at C# Developers salary in all parts of the UK, Web Developers in the ecommerce industry can expect an average of £36,750 - £56,750 and general Developers receive approximately £27,500 - £48,000. It’s worth noting that these guidelines don’t take into account bonuses, stock options or other benefits which can add additional value to your remuneration package.

If you’d like to check your salary against the average in your area, download our technology Salary Guide to get a good idea of what other C# Developers are getting.

Negotiating a better salary

Falling under the guidelines for your profession and local area doesn’t mean you should start looking for new job opportunities right away.

Many companies are keen to keep their top talent, and with C# Developer jobs being so in-demand, it’s worth trying to negotiate yourself a better salary—especially if you feel that your current company is a good fit culturally and career-wise.   

Remember to keep in mind the benchmark for your local area. It may not be any good to try and match the salary of IT jobs in London if you live in an area where the hiring trends are not as advantageous, so don’t forget to check this before entering into negotiations.

Now that you know the true value of your role and where it sits within the UK economy, you can continue to ensure that you’re being fairly paid for your niche skill set.

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