How seasonal generosity can result in career advancement for everyone

By Robert Half on 25th November 2019

Is there a better time of year to think about your generosity in the workplace? Celebrating the holiday season at work can lead to increased engagement for everyone when it’s done in the right way.

Find out how to get ahead at work using seasonal generosity in business this December…

How to get ahead at work with seasonal generosity

1. Share skills to help the team grow
Digitisation has left many workforces in a skills deficit, so a lot can be gained by taking the time to mentor junior employees or share skills with your colleagues. Upskilling as a group could help elevate the team as a whole, spreads goodwill at work and also gives you the opportunity to learn something valuable in return.

2. Communicate with consideration 
Generosity in business can also be shown in the small things, like making sure your interactions are more considerate. When you give others the opportunity to speak during meetings, actively listen during conversations, or communicate more clearly, you’re helping to create a more collaborative environment. 

Research released in our Salary Guide shows that communication skills and collaboration skills are increasingly valuable for professionals and can provide career advancement potential by preparing them for the future of work. It’s seasonal generosity in the workplace with added benefits for everyone!

3. Do something kind to boost morale
Personal gestures are key when it comes to celebrating the holiday season at work. Bake festive treats to share with everyone, arrange a team lunch or write some greeting cards to hand out. Doing something thoughtful for your team could go a long way towards boosting morale and improving the team working environment for everyone. 

4. Share credit to foster a sense of fairness
Research shows that professionals work better and happier when they are in an environment which fosters a sense of fairness. Why not use the holiday season to help things along by giving credit for a job well done, or sharing positive feedback about a task your colleagues have completed? It could make a huge difference to someone’s confidence and is an excellent way to close the year out while creating a sense of generosity at work.

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5. Take time to volunteer
It’s the season of giving, so why not suggest your team takes an employer-supported volunteer day to spread a little goodwill at work? You can donate blood, help at a homeless shelter or do something to raise money for a good cause. By taking the time to help out, you’ll give yourself and your colleagues a way to increase the satisfaction you feel in your job, while spreading goodwill at work.
6. Work as a team to avoid seasonal burnout
The silly season at work can be a stressful time — colleagues might be attempting to balance work and home life, or to get away on time for special occasions and annual leave. Generosity at work could be demonstrated by offering to share workloads, or bringing in seasonal temporary employees to help the team meet deadlines, so you can all avoid burnout and stay on top form.

7. Build relationships by being social
There’s no better time to invest in professional relationships than the holiday seasons. You can use the season to spread generosity in business by planning festive events and team building activities, like Secret Santa, office parties or an afternoon to decorate the office together.

According to Gallup, professionals who have good friends at work are often more engaged in their jobs and are more satisfied overall. Not only this — good workplace relationships build mutual trust and respect and could also improve tolerance to diversity.  

Career advancement doesn’t need to wait until the New Year

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