Tips from our Women in Business events

By Robert Half on 11th March 2020

International Women’s Day was celebrated globally on Sunday 8 March. Robert Half were proud to host Women in Business panel events across the UK in support. We united panels of successful businesswomen in Robert Half’s London, Bristol, Birmingham and Weybridge offices to discuss the complexities and opportunities women face in the workplace today. With the theme of this years International Women’s Day being Each for Equal, we wanted to provide our candidates and clients the opportunity to hear these successful female leaders share their career highlights, challenges, and lessons learnt throughout their careers which has informed the expertise they hold today. 

Our speakers included:
•    Kerry Dettmar, EMEA Financial Controller at CBRE
•    DeLynn Senna, Executive Director at Robert Half
•    Deepa Shah, Chief Financial Officer at Publicis Sapient
•    Thea Tanner, Head of Commercial, Trading and Planning at BT
•    Bridget Pairaudeau, IT Director at IOP Publishing
•    Suzanne Baxter, Independent Non-Executive Director
•    Vicki Neath, Managing Partner at Neath Raisbeck Golding Law
•    Claire Burden, Finance Director at Ecotricity
•    Katy Tanner, Director of Leadership Development at Robert Half
•    Jenny Lynch, Vice President, Marketing & PR, International Zone at Robert Half
•    Kate Wright, Non-Executive Chief Financial Officer
•    Siva Karthikeyan, Commercial Finance Leader at Aon
•    Tamsin Napier-Munn, Manager & Host at The Business Magazine
•    Gail Bamforth, Chief Executive Officer at Patrick Parsons
•    Sheryl Miller, Transformation Director and Career Coach
•    Hannah England, Olympian & Chair of UK Athletics Athletes Commission 

Throughout the morning, our impressive speakers shared their experiences and knowledge regarding diversity in the workplace, leadership traits, flexible work strategies, mentorship, the importance of personal authenticity and more. Here are some of the open and honest tips shared by our speakers surrounding key themes discussed throughout the events:


“The more authentic you are, the more confidence you have and people gravitate to confidence.” - DeLynn Senna


"Diversity is not just about numbers, people need to feel valued and like they belong to contribute" - Siva Karthikeyan

"As women, we should highlight to senior leadership where diversity could have improved the outcome to support a change" - Claire Burden


“Find someone you can be authentic with. Even eagles need a push. Sometimes we need someone to push us, and they may believe in you more than you believe in yourself" - Tamsin Napier-Munn

Flexibility and work-life balance

"Find your own balance and don't be afraid to ask for it" - Katy Tanner

“The critical thing is choice, we all have a choice in everything. Whether that be choosing to have children, choosing the role we do, choosing whether we work til 9pm  – we all have choices. It’s just making sure you know where those choices are and where you want to go.” – Kerry Dettmar

Working smarter

"Not all projects will give you the right visibility. Sometimes, rather than giving yourself to everything you need to be more selfish" - Siva Karthikeyan

These events brought together women from different professional backgrounds and locations and despite their unique professional journeys, the above themes were at the forefront of each panel discussion. It is important that we highlight these common threads, often you can feel isolated in your experience, especially when facing professional challenges, when in fact others are feeling the same. We were grateful to be able to provide a platform for female senior leaders to share their experiences and, provided tips and real world examples on how to achieve your career goals.

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