Wellbeing at work: 5 things to ensure you work happy in 2020

By Robert Half on 22nd November 2019

Wellbeing at work is essential. This is something we all know, but how many of us stop to consider whether we’re doing everything we can to ‘work happy’? The end of the year is a perfect time to assess your current career situation and what your focus will be in the future. Here are some reasons you should consider prioritising your health and wellbeing at work in 2020.

The importance of health and wellbeing at work

Workplace happiness is incentive enough in itself, but it also has many other benefits to offer. When you work happy, you could also be improving your health in general. 

Stress negatively impacts the immune system and can cause burnout. Not only that, but stress and burnout inhibit your workplace progress, leaving you feeling frustrated and stagnant in your career. Studies have shown that being more engaged at work lowers the risk of chronic illness, so prioritising wellbeing at work could help you improve your health and your career. 

Here are some actionable insights on how to improve wellbeing at work, so you can make sure you reach career happiness in 2020:

5 ways to improve your wellbeing at work

1. Focus on achieving work-life balance

Balancing a fulfilling career with a fulfilling home life can be tricky at the best of times, which is why it should be first on your list of goals for career happiness and better wellbeing at work in 2020. 

Our research into workplace happiness showed that respect between an employer and employee was one of six key ingredients for happiness at work. When an employer respects your need to take lunch breaks, leave on time and maintain healthy boundaries, you’re more likely to feel happier and more productive.

According to our research for the Salary Guide, requests for flexible working and better work-life balance have seen an increase.  According to independent research, 32% would leave a current role if they weren’t given flexible working and 38% would leave to pursue a better work–life balance. If you feel like your work-life balance is off, chat to your manager about incorporating it into your benefits package. 

2. Re-assess the fit

Cultural fit is an important part of workplace happiness. Do your values, ethics and temperament still fit with the company and with the team? Or have they shifted over time, leaving you feeling like the odd one out? 

Our research revealed that cultural fit was more important than salary to 37% of UK professionals. Take some private time to reassess the fit and if you feel it’s no longer there, 2020 may be the year you pursue a new opportunity with a team more closely aligned with your ethos and working style. 

3. Flex your problem-solving skills

One of the secrets to wellbeing at work is to feel you are empowered enough to make your own decisions. The future of work is being shaped by new technology, such as automation, which will remove the need for manual tasks and encourage professionals to hone their soft skills. 

To increase your chances of great career progression in 2020, as well as more autonomy within your role, start flexing your problem-solving skills and see how much more fulfilling your role can be. 

4. Bond with your colleagues

When you have good relationships with your colleagues, you’re 2.7 times more likely to experience workplace happiness. You can manage stress and the demands of your role more efficiently when you feel you have the support of your team behind you. 

Enhanced communication skills and collaboration are now considered key in many roles, including executive positions, marketing, HR and accounting/finance roles. You can cultivate an attractive skill set and improve your wellbeing at work by committing to make more time to bond with colleagues in 2020. 

5. Negotiate fair remuneration

Fairness has a very meaningful impact on health and wellbeing at work. If you feel as though your employer is fairly compensating you for the level of skill you possess and the work you put in, you’re more likely to feel happier and work harder.

To find out what you could be earning, you can use industry reports like the 2020 Salary Guide to benchmark your salary by role and seniority. By using current remuneration trends to create your idea of a comprehensive package, you’ll be better equipped to negotiate fairly with your employer during your next review meeting or when seeking new career opportunities. 

You can also contact a recruitment specialist, who will be able to help you find career happiness in 2020 with a new role that offers a competitive remuneration and benefits package for your hard work. 

Make wellbeing at work a priority in 2020

Would you like to find out more about how to improve wellbeing at work? You can download our report on career happiness and wellbeing at work to find out more. Alternatively, start browsing open roles and find a new opportunity to work happy in 2020.

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