Which rugby position do you play in your team?

By Robert Half on 18th September 2019
The positions within a rugby team are diverse, much like the average office environment. There are strategists, support roles, go-getters and influencers. Take the quiz to find out which rugby position you’d be in your office team…

Want to learn more ways to engage your team at work?

Sport is a great example of team-building. It's also an excellent way to see how your team reacts to high-pressure, fast-paced situations within sport and they're approach to co-ordinating strategies. 

Form a team at your local sports centre to see what types of sport are available, or use your business fundraising activities to play against different departments in a sporting event in the aid of charity.

This will provide your team with an offsite activity that builds trust and collaboration in order to boost productivity levels and communication in the office.

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