How the right company mission statement can attract new talent

By Robert Half on 16th August 2018

Smaller businesses may not have the same clout that large corporations command, but they can still attract the very best talent. 

Something as simple as having an enticing and inspirational company mission statement for start-ups can work wonders for recruitment. Research by Deloitte has revealed that “mission-driven” businesses enjoy 30% more innovation and 40% more engagement from employees.

So how can something as straightforward as a mission statement attract talent and how do you write one which works hard while representing your values?

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What is a company mission statement?

A mission statement is an essential piece of business branding. It’s a short paragraph that summarises what you do, who you do it for and why you do it. It serves as an easy way for competitors, partners and customers to see why you’re different, what you stand for and what your ultimate goals are as a business.

How can mission statements attract talent?

It can’t be denied that, when written well, a mission statement is one of the best ways you can attract the right kind of talent to your ranks. Here are some of the reasons they’re so effective:

•  Common objectives are unifying
Your company mission statement will naturally attract candidates that share the same values and have the same goals as your business. A report by Deloitte has shown that almost two thirds of millennials deliberately chose to work with organisations that they felt were purpose-driven.

Our own research into workplace happiness has shown that having a sense of purpose at work is one of six factors which drive satisfaction. 

•  Company culture is clear
Because your company mission statement will be written in your brand tone of voice, it will ultimately attract candidates that connect with your business on a cultural level. Those that resonate with your business are far more likely to have a longer tenure and be a better fit. 

Employees who are a good fit for the company generally perform better, are more engaged and will feedback into a positive workplace environment. 

•  It shows why you’re unique
A mission statement should cover all the basics about your business, but it should also convey what makes your approach and positioning unique. This makes it far easier for candidates to see how you’re making waves in your industry and which aspects of your business differentiate you from the bigger fish in the hiring market.  

What to include in your mission statement

A mission statement should essentially be a micro business overview, telling people the basics about your company in a highly condensed and branded tone. 

For it to hit all the right marks, writing a company mission statement includes outlining the following key points: 

•    What you do
•    How you do it
•    Who you do it for
•    How you add value
•    What makes your approach different

Good company mission statements will give a flavour of the company character and hint at its origin. It’s important to display character within your statement as this is what attracts candidates who are the right cultural fit for your business.

Your company mission statement also needs to be able to describe what you currently do and what you hope to be doing in the future. This will serve to show candidates what your business goals are, enticing those which share your passion. Mission statement examples from companies like Amazon, eBay, Coca-Cola and eBay show just how diverse these statements can be.  

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