5 things a software developer CV should never be without

By Robert Half on 14th June 2022

Software developers are seeing good demand in the current hiring market—research by Robert Half has shown that developers are one of the most in-demand roles in the current hiring market. Even though the demand is strong, you can secure the best software development jobs with a strong CV. 

According to our latest Demand for Tech Talent report, IT security, software development and cloud computing talent are the most in demand. Keep reading to discover the key elements that every software developer CV should have, listed in the order they should appear.

1. Personal statement

Every strong software developer CV should start with a personal statement. The personal statement should sit under your name and contact details at the very top of the CV and should only be a short paragraph of around four lines. It should be used to demonstrate professional passion for the job, career goals and to pull out specific skills which are tailored to the vacant role. Research shows that 50% of hiring managers are turned off by CV clichés, so try to avoid these when you sit down to write. 

2. Technical skills

Below your personal statement, you should list your technical skills and competencies, such as the programming languages, databases and APIs that you’re proficient in. 

Although you may have an entire career’s worth of software developer skills to list, you may find that your success rate is improved by scanning the job description for the specific skills the employer is looking for, then ensuring these make the top of your list. You can also refer to a recognised industry report, like the Robert Half Salary Guide, to find out which software developer skills are the most in-demand.

3. Previous employment

To help a potential employer gain an understanding of your experience and career trajectory, you should list your work history in chronological order, starting with your most recent role and ending with the first job you had.

When listing out your achievements in each role, try to use concrete figures and data - it can help you stand out ahead of your competition.

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4. Qualifications

The qualifications section of a software development CV is an ideal showcase for all your most recent and relevant industry qualifications. If anything looks out of date or has been superseded with a new technology, try to avoid including it on your list.

An employer may also want to check which level you’re qualified at, so you could choose to include your degree or details of higher education at the bottom of your qualifications list.

5. Interests

The final element on a software developer CV is a list of personal interests. This section tells an employer how well you might fit with the company culture and within the existing team.

Try to include interests which are relevant to the role or that might look attractive to a potential employer, such as development-related side projects or volunteer work. As with all sections of your CV, it’s important that you remain concise and keep your list of interests short and sweet.

Software developer CV top tip!

You can hone your software developer CV skills by making ensuring you don’t oversell yourself and by thoroughly checking your finished CV for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.


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