How to land a new job without really trying

By Robert Half on 9th January 2017

You’re slightly dissatisfied with your current job, so you wouldn’t mind seeing what else is out there. But you’d rather not devote time and effort to a full-blown job search. You are open to change and keep a finger on the pulse of the employment market. And that low-key attention keeps you in the loop if a dream job opens up, and ensures you don't feel stuck in the role that you have. 

This is often the case for many professionals and these people are often described as a passive job seeker. 

Here are seven smart tips for passive job seekers to unlock their potential dream job without having to devote all your energy to finding you next role:

1. Stay active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is today’s virtual CV, and hiring managers actively search the site for possible candidates. To increase the chance of receiving an offer in your inbox, keep your profile active, current and compelling. You can also increase your visibility by adding connections, joining groups, following interesting companies and starting discussions. These are low-effort, high-impact ways to attract the eyes of potential employers on LinkedIn.

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2. Drop hints that you’re a passive job seeker

Casually mention to trusted friends and contacts that you wouldn’t mind leaving your present position if the right opportunity came along. The message doesn’t have to be long or involved. For example, at a party with friends or a meet-up with former colleagues, just mention that you like your job well enough, but you’re always open to interesting opportunities. If you have an idea on the type of new role or type of company that you would like to work for, there is no harm in mentioning this as well.

3. Meet new people

Industry events offer good ways to get exposure and professional development. Attend conferences, seminars, workshops and networking events, and mingle with the speakers and attendees afterwards. Many hiring managers show up at these events to promote their company and to scout out passive candidates, so have your business card handy. 

4. Request job notifications

Since you’re probably not scouring job boards every day, let them work for you instead. Sign up with major job-search sites, along with industry-specific hubs. Save your searches and have the sites send you daily or weekly notifications. If a job opening looks interesting, more information is just a click away.

5. Like and follow

Are you an avid user of Facebook and Twitter? Follow firms you’d like to work for. Amid product launches and news updates, organisations often post and tweet job opportunities.

6. Have your CV to hand

Don't let your job application materials collect dust. In preparation for that dream job that may come your way, keep your CV and cover letter up to date. If an opening at a company strikes your fancy, you’re fully prepared to quickly tailor your documents, upload your files and click send.

7. Work with a recruitment consultant

For the passive job candidate, a recruiter can be an invaluable resource, because he or she can practically run a job search for you. They have access to many opportunities, some of which don’t make it to job boards. And they can notify you right away when an open position fits your career aspirations and salary requirements.

If you’re open to finding new opportunities but not completely sold on the need for a new job, there is no harm in keeping tabs on the current positions available. You don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to a job search to find the ideal position. These tips can help you become more successful and make your next exciting career move — all with minimal effort.

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