Need to get hired fast? Here are 7 quick and easy ways to do it

By Robert Half on 13th June 2019

Are you on a mission to get hired today? You can easily maximise your chances by taking a few quick and easy actions. From the initial job hunt, to applications and interview techniques, here are some simple ways to find fast employment.

1. Include a cover letter with every application

Research shows that most employers spend just 30 seconds scanning a candidate’s CV. You can increase the time spent on your application and improve the impression you leave by writing a targeted cover letter. It should consist of a few short paragraphs which highlight specific details on your CV that match the competencies and experience on the job specification. 

2. Start networking

Networking is a great way to build a list of industry contacts—ideally, most professionals will maintain a presence in their industry by making the time to network a few times a year. Search industry-relevant events in your local area and prepare a quick, conversational pitch that communicates your professional value. Don’t forget to take business cards along with you!

3. Update your LinkedIn profile

Increase your chances of getting hired faster by updating and optimising your LinkedIn profile. Simple, quick actions include updating your profile photo, ensuring that your skills and training are current, and adding keywords to your summary and title. For maximum traction, try adding a line to your headline or summary which states that you’re looking for new opportunities.

4. Get in touch with a recruitment company

No one has a direct line to top employers like a recruitment company does. Not only do they have established and trusted relationships with desirable employers and companies, they can also match you to a job that’s right for you in the long term. In most cases, all you need to do is upload your CV and you’ll get a call back in 24 hours or less. 

5. Tailor your CV to fit the job

Now that we’ve established how long employers spend looking at CVs, it’s important to make sure you’re including the most relevant details, references and skills for the job at hand. Try to tailor each CV you send, paying close attention to your personal statement and the items you’re including at the top of lists.

6. Consider your body language

Body language is extremely important in professional situations, especially when interviewing for a role. Small psychological ticks in body language and communication can reveal how assertive, truthful and competent you are. Remember to firmly shake hands on first meeting, to keep arms and legs uncrossed, to make plenty of eye contact and to smile.

7. Consider temporary employment 

If you want to find fast work, why not take a temporary contract? Turnaround for temporary roles is short due to high demand, and you could find yourself in a position within just a few days. You’ll also have valuable experience to add to your CV and a wealth of new contacts for your professional network.  

Are you hoping to get hired fast? Contact the Robert Half team today and let our team of experts find a role you’re perfect for.

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