Why you should consider a career in digital marketing

By Robert Half on 18th April 2018

Over the years, digital marketing has become a crucial part of business development and growth. New channels and new consumer habits online have meant that businesses are turning to the world of digital to market themselves, opening up a plethora of new digital marketing roles for professionals.

The Robert Half team have helped many professionals find digital marketing careers. They share their knowledge of the industry, how to get into it, what you can get out of it and skills that are required. 

Why find a career in digital marketing?

In 2017, the growth of global ecommerce hit $2.3 trillion and is expected more than double by 2021. Almost half of the world’s population is on social media and, according to a global survey, UK shoppers have the highest online global spend. With this much opportunity available online and on mobile, modern marketers would be foolish not to capitalise on the obviously powerful world of digital.

This abundance of online marketing opportunity, combined with the variety of channels required to launch a successful marketing strategy, mean that there is plenty of scope for those with basic marketing skills. 

Careers in digital marketing also offer professionals a chance for rapid growth and learning. Ever-changing content consumption, user behaviour and the introduction of new marketing tools are an incentive to stay ahead of the game and continue to evolve skillsets.

What are the career options for a permanent career in digital marketing?

Because they span all online marketing efforts, the roles on offer within a digital marketing career can be incredibly diverse. Some of the options are:

-    CRM and email marketing
-    Search engine optimisation
-    Data analytics
-    Content writing
-    Graphic design
-    Social media and community management
-    Search engine marketing

The number of varied roles within digital marketing make it an accessible career option, which can be side-stepped into from many different career backgrounds. If you’re a graduate hoping to find a career in digital marketing, you’ll be spoiled for choice as to your area of expertise and should be able to build on your education to start.

According to the Robert Half Salary Guide, the four most in-demand roles within digital marketing currently are: integrated graphic designers, social media content creatives, marketing analysts for SEO and PPC, and digital brand strategists.

What skills do you need for a career in marketing?

Although there are a great many avenues to go down within permanent digital marketing careers, some skills are universally necessary for all. 

The ability to formulate a quick response to identified data trends are key in any role and are crucial in servicing the needs of customers and staying ahead of the competition. As in any role, good communication skills are a must, as are good strategic and analytical skills. 

In terms of technical skills, the most sought-after qualifications for careers in digital marketing are: animation and motion graphics, Adobe Creative Suite, video and social media content development.

Are you thinking of starting a career in digital marketing? Contact the Robert Half team today and find your next opportunity.

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