How can you manage rapid growth effectively?

By Robert Half on 19th August 2021

More orders = more sales = higher revenue. This is the goal of most growing companies. When they reach it, it is usually a reason to be happy but sometimes rapid growth can put extreme pressure on IT, accounting or finance departments. When the resource needed to implement a high volume of orders exceeds the available resources of a company, it can affect retention and motivation, and even result in negative outcomes for customers.

Efficiently organised businesses tend to struggle more with a sudden influx of orders. Those with tight, well-balanced personnel structures who tend to rely on consultants or interim support at peak times can find themselves in trouble with a sudden influx of orders – there’s no resource to spare.

It’s not only a sharp increase in transaction volume that can put companies in these difficult situations. It could come about as the result of a backlog, someone leaving the organisation or capacity crunches due to bottleneck and missed deadlines. At these times, the need for know-how and resource increases and companies sometimes find that they are unable to cope on their own.

Are managed solutions the answer?

Managed solutions are well-known in connection with IT and cloud structures, but there are providers that go beyond these needs, who can support IT, accounting and finance functions with ease, on site or from a shared service centre.

Robert Half and the Group’s consulting company Protiviti are able to collaborate to offer strategic advice, effective project management and audit skills. Our experts will identify the support required and bring together a team who form a taskforce to tackle the current challenges facing the company. 

The team manager designs and monitors the entire project, covering planning, onboarding, training and quality control. The bespoke offering will be based on the requirements of the business, its pressure points and its own capabilities, with our team bringing specialist knowledge in:

  • Accounting
  • Finances
  • Cloud
  • IT security
  • Analysis
  • Risk and compliance


Once employed, our team is on-boarded and trained in a very quickly, making sure our they can support the commissioning company as soon as possible, and once started, they will provide detailed reports and key figures to show exactly what has been solved or improved.

Scaling with support

With many businesses poised to seize the opportunities presented by the current market, it is likely that some will find that they scale more quickly than their staff can handle. When they secure large orders, it will put pressure on their teams, and it may not be possible for them to ride the wave without support.

There is certainly a benefit to bringing in external support, as it will help to protect the workforce from burnout or dissatisfaction, boosting retention, and allows the business to deliver for its customers and on its growth ambitions.

Robert Half offers Managed Solutions in cooperation with its sister company, Protiviti. If you would like to find out more about our strategic solutions for your projects and business challenges, please visit our website for more details.

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