Factors to consider before you hire an IT director in 2020

By Robert Half on 29th April 2020

The role of IT director is pivotal within the business hierarchy. As businesses are forced to speed up their digital transformation, e-commerce offering and support their employees working from home to adapt to COVID-19, the IT director role has been at the forefront of this shift.

We reveal just what makes this role so important within business, how it will drive the future of work, and what you need to know before you make a hire.

Understanding the role before you hire an IT director

An IT director (or tech director) is tasked with assessing, maintaining and upgrading business IT systems. They head up the IT team and also oversee budgets and supplier relationships. This role is software and information-based, as well as being strategic in nature.

IT director skills place them firmly between the C-suite and the business IT function. Professionals should have the collaborative skills needed to knit teams together and work seamlessly alongside other departments to meet IT needs and hit growth targets. 

An IT director CV often demonstrates experience with current methodologies (Scrum, PRINCE2, Agile etc.) and demonstrates project management abilities. As a key management position, alongside the technical abilities, an IT director today needs the soft skills of strong interpersonal skills, analytical skills and good business acumen to truly be successful in the role.

Evolution of the role

In the last few years, analytics, cloud computing, and cognitive technologies have transformed businesses and business practices. These technologies have allowed businesses to syphon valuable insights, predict market movements and develop/build products more quickly. 

Rather than sitting on static software that would be serviceable for several years at a time, businesses now need IT solutions which are faster, more powerful and flexible enough to meet rapidly changing needs. This is true more than ever in the current business environment.

In terms of monetary evolution, the IT director salary has increased 29% YoY at the highest end of the pay scale. According to the Robert Half Salary Guide, the role has increased from £116,200 in 2019 to £150,000 in 2020 for experienced, highly qualified professionals. When trying to secure the best talent, benchmarking a competitive IT director salary is recommended.

The role of the IT director in the future of work

The future of work will require all businesses to transition toward digitisation in some form. Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based storage were all triggers for new systems, technologies and software pre-COVID, and with businesses trying to adapt to the new ‘business-as-usual’, the IT department will be pivotal in their implementation, maintenance and protection. 

In the future of work, a proactive approach is required when determining what the businesses technology requirements are. One that falls within the remit of the tech director to guard against misplaced expenses and systems which aren’t fit for purpose. 

Next steps to hire an IT director in 2020

If you’re planning to hire an IT director or tech director, you can submit a vacancy to Robert Half. Our technology recruitment team can provide expert help in the identification of strong IT director skills, will advise on how to compile a competitive remuneration package and can streamline your time to hire, increasing your chances of securing the best talent.

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