Why you should work with a recruiter in Leeds

By Robert Half on 3rd October 2018

Leeds is a city that’s growing fast. Businesses are launching, expanding and—most importantly—hiring. With competition for qualified candidates intensifying, our experts give an overview of the Leeds job market and reveal how a professional recruitment company could help you overcome hiring issues specific to Yorkshire.

The hiring market in Leeds

Over the next ten years, government officials expect the Leeds economy to grow by 21%, with financial and business services leading the way in an economy that is wonderfully diverse.

According to official labour market statistics, almost three quarters of people in Leeds are in employment (73.5%). The local unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2005 and is now in line with the rest of the UK.

Leeds also has the second highest concentration of knowledge-intensive jobs in the UK but has fallen prey to the world-wide talent shortage, with many roles remaining open as demand for candidates outstrips availability.

Predicted growth and talent shortages are hot topics for businesses in the rest of the UK, too. Research for the Robert Half Salary Guide revealed that 53% of UK businesses feel it’s challenging to find qualified professionals. This is a concern when 89% of them are hoping to achieve business growth this year.

Why use a Leeds-based recruitment company?

1.    Reveal hidden hiring opportunities in your area

Recruitment experts can help you tap into new and relatively undiscovered talent pools within the Leeds area, such as juniors and graduates, which currently make up 28% of the unemployed demographic in Leeds. Recruitment experts also have a network of local professionals which may not be actively looking for new roles or openly pursuing them. 

2.    Faster hiring times

Research shows that candidates expect to hear back from a potential employer 1 – 2 weeks after interviewing. Well over half of them (57%) admitted to accepting an offer from a second-choice company because their preferred employer took too long.

Since hiring has become more competitive in Leeds, organisations will need to speed up hiring times to compete. Recruitment experts have a number of different methods for faster hiring, such as our company-in process and working interviews, and are well-practiced at reviewing a multitude of CVs quickly.

3.    Insight into candidate remuneration expectations

Conor McCabe added, “competition for qualified candidates is high in Leeds, as it is in the rest of the UK. The right remuneration package could be the deciding factor for your first-choice candidate and you can’t afford to provide them best offer first time round.” 

Recruitment experts are adept at negotiating remuneration packages and can also assess your current offering against the Yorkshire average to ensure it is attractive enough, with plenty of differentiating factors. 

4.    Overcoming the digital skills deficit

Research by Robert Half shows that 53% of CEOs are concerned about the digital skills deficit and how it may affect automation and the digitisation of their business. This is true in Leeds, too—government has established The Leeds Digital Skills Action Plan to help bridge the gap between workplace skills deficits and educational curriculums. 

Experts like those at Robert Half have been making successful hires throughout the digital skills deficit using several techniques, such as a soft skill focus with a view to introducing technical skills training at a later date. Approaches like this can see your business ranks swell with employees that represent a good cultural fit, a soft skill fit for automation, and a fresh canvas for training specific to your business. 

Get expert advice on hiring in Yorkshire and contact your local Robert Half team today. Alternatively, upload your vacancy and let us help you find your ideal candidate.

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