Current labour market trends in the UK

By Robert Half on 10th November 2020

Matt Weston, Managing Director of Robert Half UK, comments on today’s ONS Labour Market Overview:

“Despite today’s update, the Chancellor’s decision to extend the furlough scheme until March paints a more positive picture for the future, as it should help save jobs and reduce churn in the employment market over the longer term. This, in turn, should enable many businesses to continue to adapt and recover as they navigate this new environment.

“Nonetheless, employees that are on furlough or unsure about their future should still use the next six months to shore up their skills and ensure they are best placed to take advantage of any swings in the market moving forward.

“Our latest research found that two fifths of executives believe ‘soft skills’ will be essential for dealing with future uncertainty. We’re seeing high demand for creative thinking, communication and leadership, with such transferable skills holding the key to long term business success in this uncertain climate.

“Candidates who want to present themselves as attractive prospects in the run up to the end of the furlough scheme next March, should be thinking hard about how to demonstrate such skills today. Reviewing your CV with fresh eyes in the current environment, identifying your strengths and upskilling via online courses are but a few of the invaluable steps that employees can take over the coming months to help them take advantage of a rapidly changing jobs market as we go into 2021.

“As we approach year-end, we are seeing demand for accounting and finance roles continue to grow and as businesses evolve their IT and cloud capabilities, candidates with experience in digital infrastructure and systems, such as AWS and MS Azure, are particularly sought after.”

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