How a specialist recruiter in Bristol can be good for your business

By Robert Half on 10th December 2018

Are you hiring in Bristol? Here’s why you should consider working with a local Bristol recruitment agency rather than trying to navigate the hiring market alone. Some of the benefits may surprise you…

Access to top performing talent in Bristol

The employment rate in Bristol sits at around 78.2% and is the highest level on record. With so many professionals already in full time positions, businesses with open roles may find that performance lags behind projected targets. 

When top performing talent is in such short supply, businesses should be embracing new approaches to hiring. Specialist recruitment companies typically have access to a much wider talent pool, consisting of high-quality candidates that they share good relationships with. As a hiring business, this instantly puts you in a more advantageous position.

Faster hiring processes

Research for the Robert Half 2019 Salary Guide showed that 55.6% of job seekers in the Bristol area accepted a second-choice role because their first-choice employer was too slow to make an offer. This is also true of the UK as a whole—long hiring times are costing businesses the best candidates. 

Recruitment companies are highly skilled at thoroughly reviewing multiple CVs within short time periods and have various interviewing methods that will allow you to meet and hire top qualified candidates quickly.

Keeping up with the pace of the Bristol economy

Economists believe that Bristol will experience 2% growth compared to the 1.3% predicted for the rest of the UK. Fast economic growth can intensify competition for qualified professionals, making it harder to grow the business. 

Forming a good, on-going working relationship with a specialist recruitment company could give you the upper hand. As the recruiters become more familiar with your company culture, hiring style and candidate preferences, you can enjoy a fast, efficient hiring process. You’re more likely to fill roles as they occur, preventing any delays to projects or initiatives. 

Higher productivity and retention through better job specs

Over half (55.6%) of Bristol professionals say they leave a job within the probation period because the job content differs from the original advertised role. By making the time to go through role requirements with a recruitment expert, you will be better able to identify the right type of role to hire for and which skills candidates need to have, ensuring a better fit and a more productive outcome.

Stay on top of remuneration trends for Bristol

Research by Robert Half has shown that 40% of candidates in the Bristol area receive more than one job offer when looking for a new role. In light of the nation-wide talent deficit, knowing how to create a competitive offer is key. 

Recruitment companies in Bristol have unique insight into the average remuneration offering for the local area and the rest of the UK, and can help you create an attractive package that sets you apart. Keeping on top of remuneration trends can also help you keep exiting staff members happy, too.

Contact our Robert Half Bristol recruitment agency for more details on the business benefits of working with a recruitment specialist and how you can get started.

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