Tech Hiring Trends [Infographic]

By Robert Half on 21st July 2022

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Access to skills

72% of tech hiring managers report a skills shortage

The top three most in-demand roles in tech:

  1. Information security
  2. Software development
  3. Cloud and infrastructure

Rules of attraction

The Great Resignation? 69% of tech leaders report an increase in resignations over the past 12 months

What are the most effective ways to attract talent?

  • 24% Highlighting opportunities for progression
  • 16% Offering an equity or share scheme
  • 15% Increasing paid holiday or offering sabbaticals

Impact of remote working

How are businesses working now?

Hybrid working is the most popular choice – 60%

What are the negative impacts of remote working?

  • Limited opportunities for junior staff to develop skills – 73%
  • Identifying potential employee issues is harder – 69%
  • Corporate culture suffers – 67%

Investment in hiring

42% of businesses spend capital raised through PE and VC on hiring and recruitment

Businesses make an average of 89 new hires after a funding round

Value in brand ethics

90% of tech leaders have been asked about ethics, values and ESG by a candidate

78% agree that having strong corporate values is essential for retaining and attracting talent


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