8 common business analyst interview questions

By Robert Half on 16th September 2019

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It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the profession; it never hurts to brush up on common business analyst interview questions, so you can prepare and know what to expect before you sit down for a formal meeting.

Here are some sample business analyst interview questions that potential employers use and what they might be looking for in the perfect answer.

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Common interview questions for Business Analysts

1) In your opinion, what are the most important skills of a BA?

This interview question is designed to test both the hard and soft skills on your CV. The interviewer is likely looking for an insight into your opinions on industry work ethic, that you are aware of current skills trends within the BA role and that you’ve read the job description and understand what this particular position requires.

To prepare, be sure to re-read the job description before your interview so you can match your skills to the answer. Don’t forget to include some of your own opinions in the mix, too!

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2) Can you tell me the difference between an SRS and a BRD?

This is a good example of technical business analyst interview questions that explore how well you understand jargon and how clearly you’re able to communicate technical concepts.

Try to focus on the clear points of difference, such as the professionals in charge of creating each document (the systems architect and business analyst, respectively) and that the BRD is written according to client requirements, where the SRS is written according to the BRS.

3) How would you perform a Gap analysis?

In some cases, business analyst interview questions will be designed to determine your level of technical ability and your existing work processes. If they ask you to detail a process you use, try to remain concise and thorough, providing rationale for the steps you take.

4) What is the best method for gathering requirements?

When they want to test how thorough you are, a potential employer could ask you to take them through your requirement gathering process. Be sure to cover each step thoroughly, including information gathering, planning, implementation and evaluation.

5) What are your preferred intelligence tools and why do you like them?

Technical business analyst interview questions can cover which systems and tools you have experience with. Your answer will help a potential employer understand how much training you need and which additional skills you bring to the table.

6) Can you tell us about a time you had to manage a difficult stakeholder?

This is a test of soft skills and is a very common interview question for business analyst jobs. Certain aspects of the role require you to work with other members of the business, which demands excellent communication and collaborative skills.

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7) What would your process be for managing requirement changes?

Agility and the ability to work with resourcefulness and flexibility are key points of focus for most roles in the current hiring landscape. In this case, your logical thinking is also being tested.

If you want to impress, try detailing how you’d prioritise the changes, the scope and impact they’ll have on the project and any gaps they leave which need to be covered off.

8) How would you explain the Scrum methodology to someone without technical knowledge?

It’s important for a business analyst to be able to explain technical concepts to both technical and non-technical professionals. Questions like this will test how well you communicate complex ideas and processes and whether you can avoid jargon in your answer.

Business Analyst CV tips

Before you can impress a potential employer with your interview technique, you need to write an effective CV. Don’t forget to tailor your personal statement and cover letter to the job you’re applying for, and to ensure that you comb the job description and Robert Half Salary Guide to ensure you’re including all the most relevant skills for the role.

Would you like help formulating successful answers to business analyst interview questions? Contact the Robert Half team and get access to top job opportunities and expert advice.

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