3 benefits of using agencies to hire temporary staff

By Robert Half on 7th May 2019

The demand for temporary professionals is going up. A worldwide skills shortage is depleting businesses of essential talent—this is especially true for accountancy, auditing, technology and HR roles. Recent research found that 40,000 job roles in the UK remained unfilled for six months or more.

As the need to keep projects and initiatives on track, businesses are turning to flexible recruitment strategies to help plug skills gaps within their teams. According to recent research, 1.6 million UK businesses say that they are planning to hire temporary or contract staff within the next 12 months, and with the number of self-employed professionals increasing in recent years, there’s plenty of talent to utilise.

With this in mind, why do companies hire through temporary recruitment agencies when there are so many self-employed individuals available on the market? Here are just some of the benefits that these agencies can offer employers looking to fill temporary roles.

Key benefits of using an agency to hire temporary staff

1. Faster time to hire

Utilising a flexible recruitment strategy is a smart way to mitigate the skills shortage while saving money on hiring. It also means that you need to work fast to secure the best talent and to fill gaps in the team, so workflow isn’t disturbed. According to our research, 28% of businesses cited an inability to hire quickly as the reason for a role remaining vacant in the business.

Rather than wasting precious working hours scouring CV’s, employers can supply a list of requirements and allow specially qualified hiring experts to plumb an existing network of professionals to find the best fit. Temporary recruitment agencies have a range of ways to quickly and thoroughly screen CV’s, so they’re able to find and place high-quality candidates in less time.

2. Access to highly skilled niche talent

Experts in this area of recruitment have spent years working up great relationships with the talent in their network. They understand the capabilities, availability, rate and personality of the professionals they work with, so they’re able to make recommendations and placements intuitively. 

By using an agency to hire temporary employees, employers can take advantage of this existing pool of talent. Rather than starting from scratch for each new role they need to fill, hiring managers can simply approach their specialist temporary recruitment consultant for a short-list of the candidates that matches their brief and budget. 

3. Up-to-date specialist industry knowledge

Agencies who specialise in temporary recruitment are immersed in focused talent networks, which puts them in touch with current industry trends and in-demand skills or positions. They have an excellent knowledge of local talent and typically have specialist departments for each industry, which puts them in a stronger position to be able to source talent that fits the role more comprehensively. 

Technical skills aside, extensive hiring experience also gives agencies an advantage in finding a temporary candidate who is the right fit for company culture. By matching company values and personality to the candidate, the transition is more seamless, and the working relationship between employer and temporary staff member is a genuine pleasure.


Why do companies hire through recruitment agencies?

One of the primary reasons a company might choose to hire temporary employees through a recruitment agency is the speed with which they can fill their vacancy. Recruitment agencies like Robert Half have a vast network of niche talent which they can use to make recommendations and placements quickly.

“[Robert Half] know how I function, they know how I work, they know what I needed, so I’m virtually guaranteed that I’ll like every candidate that they’ll put in front of me. I just have to whip through and decide which to hire.” – Soriah Haylings, Group UK Finance Director

Companies may also choose to hire using a temp agency because it is far easier than conducting the process in-house.

“When I stepped in as interim finance director, I had a requirement in terms of the team and I thought straight away to reach out to Robert Half. In terms of the whole process of vetting, interviewing and working with the candidates, probably 60 – 70% of the work was done before I met the candidates myself, so it made the selection very easy.” – Michael Yates

Hiring for cultural fit is extremely important in maintaining a positive team dynamic and keeping staff engaged, productive and satisfied at work, this is especially the case when hiring short-term employees. Businesses who recognise cultural fit as a critical component of workplace happiness are more inclined to work with an agency to hire temporary employees — especially one like Robert Half, who prioritise hiring for fit. By choosing an agency that takes the time to understand your business’s culture, you’ll minimise the disruption of employee changes.

“A lot of the happiness I get from work is because of the fit; the fit with the team, myself working with the group. It’s a really hard thing to get right and it’s something I think is helpful — to have a recruitment (consultant) that knows you and knows the client and is able to match you well.” – Anna Clemo, Chartered Accountant

Using a temp agency to fill short-term positions will benefit your business operations by quickly injecting talent where you need it most. With expert industry knowledge, using an agency will allow you to hire temporary employees to suit your business.

Do you need to fill a temporary or contract role in your team? Contact the Robert Half team today and let us help you find the right candidate, fast.

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