7 signs you need to bring in temporary staff

By Robert Half on 13th November 2017

The end of the year can see a surge in workload and output demand. It’s up to you to ensure that your team is equipped and well-staffed enough to deliver and, sometimes, the best way to achieve this is to think about finding temporary staffing solutions.

Although this can be considered a time-consuming and frivolous endeavour, relying on temporary employees to boost your workforce can have some incredible benefits.

Here are 7 warning signs that a temporary professional might be required in your team, how to find suitable candidates and reasons temporary staff are usually the best solution to your problem.

1. Lack of suitable permanent candidates for a vacant role

The skills shortage can prevent you from finding the right candidate quickly, leaving a debilitating skills deficit in your team. If you have a role that you simply can’t do without, it makes good sense to fill the vacancy with a temporary member of staff until the right fit can be found.

2. Your team workload is too heavy

If the workload is looking too heavy and you have multiple projects due for delivery before the end of the year, a temporary professional can help free up your more valuable permanent employees. This helps to take the pressure off your top performers, leaving them free to focus on important tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

If you feel too busy to even think about recruiting a temporary employee, talk to us about a working interview.

3. When niche skills are required

Freelance and temporary professionals tend to possess specialist skills and niche abilities which aren’t commonly found within permanent workforces. When certain projects require those skills for imminent deadlines, it may make more sense to bring someone in short-term—especially if you know you won’t necessarily require those skills again for future projects.

4. Your team is on annual leave

Your business still needs to be able to deliver quality service, despite team members clocking off for the holidays. If you’re concerned that too many of your top performers will be on annual leave at the same time, a temporary member of staff can help pick up the slack and relieve the pressure on remaining staff members, who may otherwise have had to share the workload.

5. Digital transformation projects need support

It’s not uncommon for businesses to hire temporary skilled professionals to take the reins while they train up existing members of staff to prepare them for the digital transformation of the business.

Through research for the 2020 Salary Guide, we discovered that many employers are turning to hiring more interim and temporary professionals to fill the skills gaps within their teams. Temporary professionals and blended workforces are an excellent way to support this initiative.

6. When you need resource but have limited budget

If you’ve noticed that there’s room in your team for a new professional but you simply don’t have the budget to hire anyone, you might find that a temporary professional provides a cost-effective solution. Daily rates and flexible hours give you the freedom to fill in the gaps within your monthly schedule, so no funds are wasted.

7. You need to meet your year-end goals

It goes without saying that towards the last quarter of the year there is pressure to meet more business deadlines, but trying to balance this between maintaining your team's workload and requests for annual leave can be challenging. Hiring in temporary professionals to be that extra support will mean productivity levels can stay aligned with meeting your year-end goals. What's more, additional team members can also be extremely motivating for your team while taking away the added pressure from their workload. 

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