4 tips to improve your success at work

Boosting your career success out of hours

Success doesn’t happen overnight. As author Robert Collier said: “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, day out."

Building a successful career requires planning, ambition and the willingness to learn. Alongside working hard, it’s the continual learning and openness to new ideas that will deliver the greatest success during your working life. The planning, the reading, the listening, and learning doesn’t always need to happen at work. Preparing for your success can happen at home, in front of the computer, at events or from doing.

Boosting your level of expertise can also be a valuable lever in negotiations for a pay rise. According to research from Robert Half UK, just over a third of UK employees (36%) would wait for the next performance review for a salary increase compared to 62% in France and 52% in Germany. The implication is that we British are less happy to wait, so we want every piece of evidence we can gather when we go for the initial review to convince managers of our passion.

What better way to impress than showing you have taken the initiative to improve on your own? Here are a few tips for career success that can be taken out of hours:

1. Use your commute

The average commuter in the UK spends 55 minutes travelling to and from work each day, and this rises to 75 minutes in London. Making use of this time to read up industry news or listening to podcasts will go a long way to improving your success at work.

2. Make the most of LinkedIn

Influencers influence, and following them can only benefit your career. Look at their life as a potential template. Do not just follow the CEO of companies that you admire – also follow inspirational politicians and figures, technology gurus in fields related to your career, and also local influencers. Spare half an hour a day to read and learn, from the good and the great, and take note of their tips for career success.

3. Enrol in additional training

Look for a course with tangible benefits that relates directly to your working day, especially one that confers a qualification. Ask your HR team if the company can contribute towards costs. You may not need to: Robert Half offers more than 8,000 free e-learning courses for its candidates, in fields including Accounting and Finance, and Project Management.

4. Expand your network

Be proactive about expanding your networks, whether that be online or in-person at events and conferences. Each meeting should be a two-way conversation, so that both participants leave knowing their counterpart’s business, clients, and business structure. That applies as much if you start talking to a potential client in the pub or gym as in a pre-arranged event.

You’re in charge of your career success

Success will rely on some big efforts and some small, but most of all it will rely on you. You’ll need to motivate yourself to spend a little more time studying, a weekend attending an event, and maybe one more phone call. Those “small efforts, repeated day in day out” will one day lead to a big success for career.

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