Why seek a finance career in Milton Keynes?

What exactly do you know about Milton Keynes? That's it's one of the UK's new towns perhaps, that it has plenty of roundabouts and is home to a herd of concrete cows. But there's more to this thriving Buckinghamshire city than the usual stereotypes. Were you aware that this is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the whole of Britain, and that many people are developing their finance career in Milton Keynes?

There are plenty of opportunities for professional people, particularly those with a background in finance and accountancy. Many large firms have established a Milton Keynes office, conscious of the commercial opportunities for their business and the growing talent pool available. Leading international firms and local companies sit side by side, providing plenty of prospects for ambitious people looking to pursue a finance career in Milton Keynes.

Jobs growth in Milton Keynes

In January 2015, the Robert Half Professional Hiring Index revealed that 58 per cent of HR directors from London and the south-east planned to increase hiring of permanent professional employees. This level of expansion was greater than that of Wales, Scotland, the north, Midlands and south-west of England. The index found the average of the UK respondents planned to increase permanent headcount by 47 per cent.

Meanwhile, the 'Cities Outlook 2015' showed the number of Milton Keynes businesses increased by 1,825 between 2004 and 2013, at a growth rate of 22.4 per cent. Each of the new companies establishing a presence in the city has helped boost its economy and create opportunities for ambitious professionals.

It's clear that this is a city heading in one direction. As organisations look to extend their geographical footprint, or seek an alternative base to the major UK cities, Milton Keynes is very much on their radar.

Why Milton Keynes location is ideal

The principle reason Milton Keynes was established in rural Buckinghamshire was its location - specifically its close proximity to the capital. The city has been developed just 55 miles from central London, with good road and rail links available. Milton Keynes lies just off the M1 motorway and has direct connections to both London and Birmingham.

Milton Keynes was initially built to relieve housing pressure in the capital and the south-east of England, but the city has become much more than a large commuter settlement. Some professionals do choose to travel into London for work, but many more have chosen to sidestep the City and develop their finance career in Milton Keynes. For them, the city provides a viable alternative to the hustle and bustle of the Square Mile.

Finance salaries in Milton Keynes

While London leads the way in terms of wages, finance salaries in Milton Keynes are not far off. The Robert Half Salary Guide found that salaries in the south-east of England were the second-highest in the UK. Finance professionals on average can expect a salary increase of 2.6 per cent compared to the previous year. Many professionals are finding a salary in Milton Keynes is a good incentive to develop their finance career in the upcoming city.

Why develop your finance career in Milton Keynes?

As the Milton Keynes economy has grown and higher-profile organisations have established a base, the city has become an increasingly attractive proposition for talented candidates looking to achieve success in their finance career. The rapid growth being witnessed in Milton Keynes has obvious benefits from a career development perspective - there are always new opportunities and scope for advancement.

Professionals working in Milton Keynes can not only command attractive salaries - owing to the strong level of demand for high-calibre people - but talented individuals can quickly climb up the career ladder. Should they wish to seek employment in London in the future, the capital is only a short commute away. This means professionals can continue to develop their career without disrupting their work/life balance with their home and family life.

What finance career opportunities are in Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes has a large and growing finance centre, employing accounting and finance personnel up to executive level. Among the professionals in-demand among Milton Keynes employers are accounts assistants, finance managers, financial analysts and management accountants. Credit control jobs and purchase ledger roles are also available locally, as well as interim financial jobs for skilled and experienced professionals seeking short-term placements.

If you're interested in a finance career in Milton Keynes, Robert Half can assist your career development. Contact our Milton Keynes office for advice on what to do next.

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