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Do cloud benefits outweigh the security risks?

CIO insights - download your copyThe advent of the cloud is revolutionising the tech industry, creating new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. But where there is opportunity, there can also be risk. 

Download our latest CIO Insights report and find out how CIOs are responding to cloud technology. The snapshot report includes:

  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • Security risks and concerns
  • Cloud adoption trends by CIOs 

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Managing a business-led cybersecurity strategy

Cyber security has become a mainstay for businesses of all sizes and industries. Its potential implications in our data-centric world have brought it up the corporate agenda. Security threats have made the protection of our digital assets and intelligence of vital concern.

Robert Half Technology and Protiviti hosted a series of 'IT Leaders Round Table' events to highlight the challenges and issues faced by UK IT directors and to discuss best practice approaches and solutions.

Download our new CIO Insights report and find out how IT Directors are responding to the cyber security challenge. It includes:

  • IT Directors top 10 security concerns
  • The cyber security landscape
  • How IT security teams are engaging with company boards. 

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