In today’s ever-changing market, outstanding leaders with specialist skills are more in demand than ever. From high-growth to family-owned SMEs and PLCs, finding and securing leadership talent and building a strong, future-proof executive team is a challenge. That’s where we come in.

As the retained executive search team of Robert Half, we identify boardroom talent who are ideally suited to tackle your company’s unique challenges– discretely and efficiently. We work on tightly defined executive-level and departmental leadership assignments comprising: C-level (CEOs, Executive Directors, CFOs, COOs), technology, sales and marketing, legal and human resources across all industries. We’re leaders at finding great leaders.



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How we guide you

We advise you throughout the whole search process and beyond.

Personalised experience

We are with you at every step with advice and support

What sets us apart

Years of executive recruiting expertise combined with entrepreneurial thinking

Our executive recruitment process

Client Kick Off

We conduct extensive research to build a profile of your ideal executive. 

Candidate Development

We develop a handpicked pool of custom-matched executive talent. 

Streamlined Search Process

You conduct back-to-back interviews of select, highly skilled executives. 


Final Interview Stage

You make your final selection, and we manage all recruitment and negotiation.

Search Conclusion

You hire an experienced, top-notch executive under an accelerated timeline.


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A selection of executive positions we’ve successfully filled

  • Chief Data Officer, Facilities Management
  • Chief Executive Officer, Financial Services
  • Chief Executive Officer, Not for Profit
  • Chief Financial Officer, Chartered Membership Association
  • Chief Investment Officer, Property
  • Commercial Director, Technology
  • Commercial Finance Director, Transport
  • Communications Director, Maritime
  • Director of Home Delivery, FMCG
  • Director of Partnerships & Business Development, Technology
  • Finance Director – Europe, Market Research
  • Finance Director - Operations, Industrial
  • Global CFO, Technology
  • Group Finance Director, Retail
  • Group Financial Controller, Retail
  • Head of Marketing, Financial Services
  • Head of Sales, Security
  • Investor Relations Director, Manufacturing
  • IT Audit Director, Automotive
  • IT Director, Packaging
  • Managing Director, Consultancy Services
  • Operations Director, Shipping/Logistics
  • Project Manager, Real Estate
  • Sales Director, B2B
  • Sales Director/Managing Director, Security
  • Senior Manager, Financial Services
  • Shared Services Director, Distribution
  • Technology Director, Insurance

Acclaim for Robert Half executive search

The work of our leading executive search firm is valued across global businesses. Forbes magazine has repeatedly named us one of “America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms” – placing us at no. 1 in 2022 as the best executive search enterprise.

However, what counts most is our satisfied customers. If you’re happy, we’re happy too. Here’s a selection of recent testimonials:

Executive search frequently asked questions

If you have queries about how executive search works in practice, please reach out for a more detailed conversation about how we can support your leadership talent search.

Executive search is a specialised form of recruitment. Our senior consultants possess long-standing experience and specialised expertise in filling business-critical leadership positions e.g. CEO, MD, COO, NED, Supervisory and Advisory Board. After extensive consultation and preparation of a tailor-made search profile, our experts identify and attract your ideally suited candidates by approaching them directly.

An executive search firm is a recruitment company that specialises in sourcing high quality candidates for executive roles. They differ from contingency recruitment in both their approach to candidate sourcing and how closely they work with the client.

Because they are ‘retained’, executive search firms work exclusively with the client, taking the time to assess existing talent within the business and to understand the company culture and facets of the role.

Retained search firms typically use very sophisticated vetting techniques and class a successful placement on the longevity of the employee within a role and how large a contribution that employee makes to the company as a whole.

At Robert Half you have your choice of talent solutions from full-time, temp/contract, leadership, remote & everything in between, to fill all your professional roles faster.

Robert Half has been valued and respected in the industry for decades. Our executive search consultants benefit from this reputation whenever they contact potential candidates. It goes without saying that we’re very discrete when we approach people directly. The recruitment of a large majority of qualified leaders, such as C-level executives, can be ascribed to the passive applicant market. In many cases a discussion about changing jobs only arises when we get in touch with them.

Our senior consultants have many years’ experience in searching for company leaders. We’ve actually filled more than 2,500 key positions for our clients via executive search. Our team is just as successful at recognising leadership talent for senior management positions as they are for CEO searches. Find out more about our executive search team

When you retain an executive search firm, you are entering into a business relationship. The firm you select is an extension of your image and reputation. The retained executive search firm’s representatives become your eyes and ears in the marketplace, and the first point of contact in acquiring the ideal executive for your firm. At Robert Half we safeguard your good name, protect your confidentiality and work diligently to honour our commitments every step of the way .

If you’re assessing all your options, here are 8 reasons that a retained executive search firm may be worth the investment.

Our executive team can assist you with search recruitment of leaders anywhere in the world. Here are some of our locations in the UK:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Milton Keynes
  • Leeds
  • And more

We’re just as well positioned with our worldwide locations. Here are a few of the places where you’ll find our executive search teams:

Altogether around 50 highly qualified, experienced project teams are engaged in working for our clients all over the world.

  • Supervisory and Executive Board: supervisory boards, boards of directors, business management, managing directors, C- level executives such as CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CFO, CHRO, CPO.
  • Vice president and director positions in various fields, such as sales, finance, purchasing, IT, operations, global HR
  • Other leadership positions, for example: Head of Key Account Management, Head of Marketing, Head of Service Management, Project Manager
  • Specialist positions such as Shared Services Director, Platform Manager, Product Manager, Risk Manager.

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