Public sector recruitment

Robert Half recruits professionals for public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Whether you’re hiring or looking for a job

Our public sector recruitment team is made up of people like you. From in-house charity recruitment to not-for-profit organisations, our public sector recruitment consultants have worked in a variety of roles across the public sector before joining Robert Half. All this gives us a sixth sense for the types of employees you require, and if you’re a jobseeker, for the roles you want to work in and the public sector or not-for-profit organisations you want to work for.

Finding the perfect candidate or public sector job on your own is never an easy task. It’s all-consuming for a start, yet for us it’s second nature.

Our network of jobs and candidates spans the UK

Our public sector team works with our other recruitment consultants, each expert in their field, who specialise in accounting and finance, financial services, technology and administrative roles in the private sector. This close working – sharing information on candidates and roles across the UK and drawing on each other’s experience – means you get access to a national pool of candidates from a variety of sectors and from almost every industry.

We have candidates available with experience in accounting and finance, procurement, commissioning, governance, human resources, project management, system changes and operations. Something other public sector recruitment agencies can’t do on the same scale.

For public sector employers, this means you’ll attract professionals who bring hard-won commercial insights to the public sector. And for candidates, you’ll find we have an array of opportunities in more organisations in either sector than most other recruiters.

You can expect superior service and support, and you can count on our discretion. With our guiding principle of 'ethics-first', honesty, integrity and professionalism surround everything we do. And we cover all your hiring needs – temporary, interim and permanent.

Whichever sector you’re in

In short, we’ll pair you with consultants who specialise in your sector – whether that’s education, local government, healthcare, charity, defence, social care, housing or another.

We know the pressures you face in public sector recruitment – from smaller budgets to having to do more with less. And like you, we have a real interest in the good of the public sector: we share your values.

Candidates who are cost-effective and add value

It’s our job to make sure you get the candidates you need to meet your goals and objectives, leaving you free to concentrate on the other aspects of your organisation. The best candidates are the people who, one way or another, will add value.

We have many examples of experienced professionals who do exactly that. Please contact us if you’d like to hear about them.

To us, you’re a VIP

We always start by coming to see you to discuss your needs, to add to our understanding of your organisation and to build a detailed picture. We want to know what drives your strategy, what you need to achieve and by when. We can even speed up the process if you need to fill a vacancy fast. That is, you may choose a candidate on an interim or short-term contract, while we continue to search for the best permanent person.

We listen to your needs

We focus on your budget and the experience it affords, then we fine-tune candidate shortlists to give you the people who most accurately match your needs. We won’t just present you with CVs to sift through. We’ll recommend who we think you should shortlist and why, based on our years of recruitment experience.

Talk to us

To find out more about our public sector recruitment experience or to hear about the skilled candidates we have available in your area, please contact one of our local offices directly.