Navigating COVID-19: Building business resilience

A Robert Half webinar series

In coming to terms with the impact of COVID-19, we have dealt with significant change in both our personal and professional lives.

In this webinar series, we address some of the key concerns faced by business leaders and their teams as they adjust to a new way of working. From navigating uncertainty, boosting morale and onboarding new starters to the fundamental basics of remote working including working from home with kids and maintaining team communication and productivity.

Our webinar series is available now to watch on-demand, and should you have any recruitment or retention queries, our expert team is available to support you in making the right talent choices to keep your business growing throughout this time of change.

Managing remote teams

As life-in lockdown forced workforces around the world to work from home on an unprecedented scale, it rapidly became clear that we all needed to find new ways of working, our Global Learning and Development team offer tangible tips and guidance on managing a remote team.

Key issues include:

  • The key skillsets managers need to effectively lead remote teams
  • How to adapt your communications style to fit your new systems
  • Managing your operating model and balancing the work/life pressures of your team
  • Building a team plan with clear expectations

Katy Tanner – Manager, IZ Leadership Development Programs at Robert Half

Onboarding new employees remotely

When it comes to managing and boosting productivity, operational resilience and team morale, ensuring you find the right person for the role is critical. But what happens after that? You might be asking yourself how you can manage the onboarding process when everyone is working remotely. As we continue to embrace new ways of working, our expert leadership and staff development team offer expert advice, including:

  • The logistics needed for a successful remote onboarding
  • Embedding the company culture beyond the job description
  • How to understand the new hires motivations, areas for development and career goals

Kristen McNamara – Senior Director of Staff Development at Robert Half

Leading in uncertain times

Being intentional about our leadership behaviours now, more than ever, is critical. Turns in the economy, and changes to our workforces (just to name a few) are coming at us from many directions. In this webinar, we examine how we can lead through uncertainty with efficiency - for our teams and for our organisations.

Katy Tanner, Manager, IZ Leadership Development Programs at Robert Half shares insights on:

  • How we can personally lead through uncertainty
  • Navigating these unprecedented times as efficiently as possible

The future of work

As a result of COVID-19, working patterns and business operations have been forever changed. From “virtual offices” to hybrid teams, the workforce has been transformed and the technology strategies needed to facilitate these changes have been propelled into the spotlight. With leaders being forced to rethink the future of work, we explore:

  • How to effectively review your people, processes and technology
  • The importance of leadership and operational agility
  • The technology and systems needed for effective collaboration

Katy Tanner – Manager, IZ Leadership Development Programs at Robert Half
Steve Sully – Director at Robert Half  

Working families

For months, working parents juggled employment and professional life with child-care, home-schooling and the daily demands of keeping their families safe, healthy entertained and on good-terms – all under one roof, day-after-day.

Two of our Robert Half parents shares their insights on:

  • Balancing work and family
  • The personal change curve
  • Letting go of perfection
  • Tips for working families
  • Meeting the needs of your children

Katy Tanner – Manager, IZ Leadership Development Programs at Robert Half and mother of three children
Matt Robinson – Leadership Development and Corporate Learning Manager at Robert Half and father of two children

New epoch, new leader

Predicting what the future will require is an impossible task. But having faced unprecedented levels of disruption in recent months, leaders must equip themselves with a strong portfolio of future-orientated and change-ready skills in order to adapt and respond to fluctuating market demands. 

Katy Tanner – Manager, IZ Leadership Development Programs at Robert Half

Balancing the tensions of leadership

We all know that balance is important in leadership, but COVID-19 has demanded that we adjust and adapt like never before – and this can cause tensions. In this webinar we explore common tensions that exist for leaders, outlining the dangers in ignoring them and suggesting strategies to balance them so that we can ensure our teams, our organisations and leaders themselves can thrive again.

We take an in-depth look at the following:

  • Self Leadership and Team Leadership
  • Solving Problems and Seeing Opportunity
  • Performance Expectations and Current Reality
  • Team culture pre and post COVID

Katy Tanner – Manager, IZ Leadership Development Programs at Robert Half


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