Technical Partner Consultations

Interim Project Consultations with Robert Half

We recognise that when critical projects arise, such as rapid expansions, mergers and acquisitions, or turnarounds, companies often experience sudden increases in workload and an urgent need for competent and experienced professionals who can manage these business changes.

Before launching a new initiative, companies meet with us to discuss the scope and requirements for the project along with our interim consultants who are subject-matter experts and can provide evidence of their specific experience in the project area. This project consultation meeting enables organisations to see how you would approach future projects and helps to evidence your specific experience in the project area.

By meeting with an expert, our clients can more accurately predict budgets, resource requirements and delivery timescales before a project starts.

Face the future with confidence with Robert Half’s project consultation process.

The benefits of project consultation:

  • Qualified technical expertise
  • Extensive experience related to your project and industry
  • Efficient, timely advice before you embark on a project-scoping plan
  • A free consultation to establish your needs

The outcomes of project consultation:

  • Evaluation of the project benefits and potential obstacles
  • Determination of the scope of project budget and resource
  • Established timelines, deliverables and associated costs
  • Identification of possible issues and upfront 'troubleshooting'

To arrange your project consultation with a subject-matter specialist, contact our interim recruitment team for more information.



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