Average Credit Controller salaries in the UK

Salary by region

Explore the average UK credit controller salary by location:

  • London: £27,200
  • Scotland: £20,700
  • Wales: £19,000
  • Yorkshire: £19,200

Job prospects for Credit Controllers

Hiring in the finance and accounting sector is in the candidate’s favour at present. Demand is growing in the FinTech and debt industries as businesses adapt to new reporting and financial regulations, as well as the transformation of internal finance systems.

The introduction of business digitisation signals the evolution of the credit controller’s role within finance and accounting teams. AI and automation will remove repetitive, time-consuming tasks so credit controllers are free to hone skills that technology can’t provide—customer relations and team collaboration. It opens up new opportunities for credit controllers to develop better customer relation initiatives, backed up by more robust systems, thereby improving retention figures.

Blockchain may also sit on the horizon for credit controllers. The technology could provide an infallible ledger for all transactions and a cheaper, easier way to check customer credit. The speed of work will increase, paving the way for professionals who are highly productive.

With such heavy technological influences on the horizon, credit controllers who are adaptable and can evolve with the pace of change are likely to see the most job growth in the future.

Credit Controller salary opportunities

A talent shortage within finance and accounting puts experienced credit controllers in a strong position to negotiate more competitive salaries. This is especially true as technology evolves work practices, putting skill sets in the credit controllers’ favour—communication and collaboration skills will be in high demand.

Credit controllers in the UK can expect to earn anything between £18,000 to £30,000. The highest earners are those with 2 – 3 years’ industry experience, excellent customer service skills, ACA qualifications and experience with popular ERP software and platforms.

Credit controller salaries in London range between £23,300 and £38,800 which is reflective of the skills deficit that this financial hub is experiencing. Salaries for credit controllers in Scotland are also higher than the UK average thanks to the industry boom in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Professionals in this area can earn anything between £17,700 and £29,600.

Senior leaders are taking a customer-centric approach to business, which has led to an increased push for credit controllers with excellent customer-service skills and communication skills. Professionals can help to increase their worth if they’re strong in this area.

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Accounts Receivable Officer
GBP23000 - 26000 / annum

Credit Control
£11 - 12 / hour

Accounts Assistant - Credit Control
GBP20000 - 20000 / annum

Accounts Receivable/Accounts Assistant
West Byfleet
GBP14 - 16 / hour

Accounts Recievable clerk
GBP9 - 10 / hour

Legal Cashier
£23000 - 23000 / annum

Assistant Accountant
£12 - 13.50 / hour

Accounts Payable Clerk
City of London
£13.00 - 15.00 / hour

Part Time Bookkeeper
GBP22000 - 28000 / annum

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