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Are you earning to your fullest potential? Fill out the Robert Half salary calculator below and get valuable insight into accounting and finance, financial services, technology, marketing and business support salaries for the coming year, all regionally adjusted.

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Why the Robert Half salary calculator is unique

We published our first Salary Guide in 1950. Since then, we’ve been known as the leading source for comprehensive salary and hiring data.

The Robert Half salary calculator data is based on several sources, most notably the thousands of placements our recruiting professionals make each year. Our experts interact with hiring managers and candidates daily, which gives us unique, real-world insights into the latest salary trends.

Key jobseeker trends for 2019 by sector

Accounting and finance

The majority of CFOs said they planned to increase salaries for permanent staff over the coming year. According to 11% of employers, 20% of team members will be given a raise.

Financial services

Base salaries have increased slightly—this is especially true for governance and risk roles. Graduates and juniors can expect a higher base salary as competition for new talent increases.


Technology professionals with experience in project management methodologies, public cloud expertise and business analysis are being offered the highest IT salaries. 

Business and office support

London-based HR and business support professions are in such high demand that base salaries have risen. In the Midlands, salaries remain stable with only experienced professionals being offered a raise.

Marketing and creative

As marketing and communication programmes are tied more closely to the true impact of revenue growth and business development, so too are the remuneration and rewards for professionals in marketing and creative.

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