Life in recruitment: Competition and sports

James Fortnam

Divisional manager in Cardiff, Wales

James shares his experiences in working for Robert Half and how his background in sports has benefited his recruitment career. Explore what he found challenging, what he enjoys in his role and what advice he has for anyone considering a career in recruitment.

How has sports contributed to the success of your career in recruitment?

Sport has given me a competitive edge that is essential within this industry, specifically a strong work ethic and ability to bounce back from setbacks. There are a lot of comparisons between sport and recruitment, the opportunity to work within a successful team along with the personal success that can be achieved.

What training and support did you find the most helpful?

When I started I found the ‘at desk’ training and shadowing peers the most useful. As I was learning from four of the UK’s top consultants, I was able to do an in-depth analysis of my performance and identify areas of improvement.

What was the biggest surprise about working in recruitment?

The environment. Robert Half has a great working environment, rarely do you get such autonomy and control over your career. It gives you the opportunity to run your own business with strong direction from experienced people.

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could re-do your first three months at Robert Half?

Ensure you follow the process put in place and trust it. Really engage and listen to candidates, if you can give them a great service you can build a really strong relationship.

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