Life in recruitment - From sales to a career in recruitment

Luke Crowther

Division Manager in Leeds, Yorkshire

Luke shares what he found challenging, what he enjoys in his role and what advice he has for anyone considering a career in recruitment.

What prompted you to join Robert Half? 

Before joining Robert Half I worked as a sales manager for a company that supplied the UK embassies around the world with anything they needed. I was tasked with growing sales within the UK embassies and also develop the relationship with the US Embassy. After a lot of travelling, I decided that I wanted to try to build a career closer to home. My sister-in-law recommended meeting with Robert Half as a consultant at Robert Half had placed her in all her roles. The exciting plans that seemed to be in place for Robert Half Leeds were too good to turn down and it definitely ticked the most important box for me – my career!  

How would you describe the support and training you received and how did it help you?

The training I have received has been outstanding. Not only did I attend group sessions ran by Robert Half’s dedicated training and development team but also at-desk training almost every day. To be honest even now years and years later, I still find myself on regular training courses to improve my performance. I wasn’t forced to change my sales style but showed ways to adapt it to Robert Half.

What was the biggest surprise about working in recruitment?

How quickly you can achieve success! 

What was your happiest moment at work and why?

My most memorable moment at Robert Half will always be my promotion to senior consultant.

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could re-do your first three months at Robert Half?

To succeed in recruitment you have to throw yourself in at it 100%! I found that trying things and making mistakes was a great learning curve. Just pick up the phone and give it a go!

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