How to be a successful recruitment consultant

What it takes to be the best of the best (and why you can benefit from working at Robert Half)

By Victoria Sprott, Director, Robert Half UK

Here at Robert Half, we are proud of both the expertise we have in-house and the culture we aim to promote. In our 300 offices worldwide, we offer a competitive environment that is grounded in our commitment to acting in an ethical way. It is therefore key for us to have the right people on board who embody our vision as we believe our people are the key to our success.

From day one, we offer a comprehensive training and development programme where you learn what it means to work at Robert Half from the best of the best. You will be offered learning opportunities from colleagues and managers to make sure that one day you too will be among the Robert Half elite.

Here are some of the qualities we believe make a person a good fit for joining our team:

1. You have strong ambition

A strong and burning desire to achieve certain goals is a very attractive quality that our stand-out consultants share. After all, that sense of ambition pushes people to better themselves and deliver maximum results for their wider organisation.

2. You are passionate about helping others

A sense of altruism will help you to thrive in the recruitment sector. Every day you will have the opportunity to make a difference to someone’s working life. Whether it be through finding a new team member for a hiring manager to help ease workloads, or placing a candidate in a role that supports their career ambitions.

3. You are driven to succeed

Our people want to achieve great things for Robert Half and this is reflected in their results. If you are driven to succeed both personally and professionally, you will do well as a recruitment consultant. While there are lessons that can be learned from failure, being driven by success means they can be applied in a positive and constructive way.

4. You are dedicated

While it might go without saying, a genuine passion for the job and a real sense of motivation and commitment can be hugely advantageous, both for a person's career progression and the fortunes of the company they work for. Their energy and enthusiasm can be infectious and make everyone around them want to push themselves a little bit further.

With these sorts of people in our ranks, everyone benefits.

At Robert Half, our success stems from the success of our people. So for us it’s important that we celebrate these successes.

Throughout the year we offer our employees a benefits package that includes discounts and deals on a variety of products and services chosen to suit our team members' lifestyles. But there are far more exciting perks we offer our employees, ranging from professional development to prestigious recognition events.

At Robert Half we are committed to helping our people tap into their potential and offering them varied and rewarding career paths. Interested in learning more?

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