At Robert Half we want to promote and highlight the importance of wellbeing across not just our own employees but also our contractor population. To do this we are now offering access to Pirkx to all of our contractors whilst on assignment.

The Pirkx platform focuses on several pillars of wellbeing such as Health (both physical and mental), Wealth, Recognition, Education and Learning and also Social wellbeing. We hope that by offering to fund this benefit, that our interim workforce will feel empowered to make use of these wellbeing benefits and the many advantages that it provides.


Access to a range of incredible benefits

24/7 online GP service

24/7 counselling service and mental health advice

Virtual physio and discounted health insurance

Over 4,000 discounts from major retailers

Virtual gym classes and discounted membership

Money advice, credit score and debt help

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If you are currently a contractor on assignment with Robert Half and would like to request a password please contact your nearest office.