Advice on Finding a New Job

Time to look for a new job? Get your job search off to a flying start with our range of advice articles from our expert recruiters

Evaluating a job offer

Assessing a job offer thumbnailIf you're like most job seekers, you're elated - or at least relieved- when your efforts result in an offer. But before you rush to accept a job offer, take the time to consider it fully. Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether a job is a good fit for you.


Managing your online reputation

Managing online reputationNowadays employers rarely hire just skills and are looking for much more of a complete package – skills plus a well-rounded individual that fits well with their team and company. And a person’s social media footprint gives employers (and others) the best insight into this.

Job-hunting basics: 8 steps to success

Job hunting tipsTo find a new finance job, knowing how to look for a position can be as important as having the right qualifications. The following are strategies that can help you make the most of your job search efforts.

How to secure your dream job

Securing your dream jobWhat can you do to increase the likelihood of securing your dream job in the new year? it is important to form a strategy for securing a new role - considering job hunting techniques and then putting them into action.

How to resign

I quit notice.Resigning from your job doesn't have to be hard or awkward. Here is how to quit your job with tact and grace in seven simple steps.


Can LinkedIn networking help discover job opportunities?

LinkedIn for networkingWhether you are attempting to expand your professional connections, learn more about a sector or explore job opportunities, it is a powerful resource for professionals. Find out here how you can utilise LinkedIn to help discover your next role.

Is it time to change careers?

Changing careersIf you’re not sure whether your present work situation is right for you, don’t waste time by playing it safe. Evaluate your personal, financial and professional goals to see whether you should remain on your present path or change careers.

Reasons why you should look for a new job

Why to look for a new jobWhether out of frustration at their current role, a desire to faster career progression or simply for a change, there comes a time in almost every professional's life when they decide to look for a new job. 

Considering a finance job?

Considering a finance jobMany people starting out on their career path harbour the ambition of working in finance, knowing the sector offers a multitude of opportunities for skilled and ambitious individuals.


Top tips for finding a new job

Tips for finding a new jobHow can you maximise your chances of securing a new job? With the employment market recovering well after recession, there may be more opportunities for skilled and experienced jobseekers than for some time.

Video: How to boost your career prospects with social media

Boost career using social mediaIncreasingly, hiring managers don't just rely on a CV, cover letter and interview before deciding whether or not to offer you a position. Social media is playing a growing role too. Estelle James, Director at Robert Half, gives us some top tips on how to effectively use social media to improve your job prospects. View the video here. 

Job search etiquette

Job search etiquetteAny contact could become your next employer or a key networking resource. By following the rules of job search etiquette, you'll show professionalism and a drive to succeed - essential qualities for every job seeker. Here are some guidelines on job search etiquette to help you find and secure the position you want.

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