What Skills Do Aspiring Managers Need?

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Companies will have different layers of management, with some people looking after day-to-day 'shop floor' matters and others dealing with issues further up the company ladder.

So if a person is looking to move from one to the other, what skills do they need?

Basic management skills

Well, the importance of having the management basics in place can't be understated. A manager simply has to possess attributes such as:

  • good time management
  • decision making skills
  • the ability to motivate staff
  • the ability to deal with any issues involving their workforce

But bosses inevitably have to take on extra responsibilities if they are further up the chain, so it can be a good idea for ambitious managers to try to develop and use relevant skills before applying for a promotion.

Similarly, it is a sensible for recruiters to see which managers are displaying these attributes, as it may help them find suitable candidates.

There should be plenty of opportunities for managers to use skills which, on the face of it, are not listed as essentials on their job description.

For instance, circumstances can often arise that force them to manage resources and information they don't always deal with, as well as think in a more strategic manner.

Understand the organisation

Bosses may also have to show they are aware of how they fit into a company's wider operations and how their efforts can improve the performance of an entire organisation.

This can stand them in good stead if they wish to move further up the career ladder, as more senior positions will place a much greater emphasis on driving change within a business and influencing its overall direction.

Senior managers need to look at the bigger picture, such as the company's place in the wider market, rather than what is going on in their immediate department.

So, much can depend on simply adopting a different way of thinking, as well as ensuring they have the skills in place that make them an asset at the top.



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