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Your CV is an essential part of your job search process. Once you’ve identified a job you want to apply for, you’ll need to write a CV and cover letter specific to that role. Our advice on CVs and cover letters will help you avoid common CV mistakes and write the perfect cover letter to create a winning job application. . 

If you’re looking for interview tips, visit our interview advice section.

CV Advice

How to write an effective CV

Writing an effective CVAt every career stage, your CV is an important tool in your job search. It remains the most common way to introduce yourself to employers or recruitment agencies. Here are some best practices to optimise your CV.


How to write a personal statement for a CV

Updating your CV? Here are five tips for writing an effective personal statement for your CV. 



What to include on an admin CV

Admin CV tipsUpdating your Admin CV? Our tips for creating the perfect CV outline what skills to include for admin jobs.



How to reference temp work on your CV

Referencing temp work on CVFind out how to correctly list temporary and contract work on your CV.



Graduate CVs: How to overcome a lack of experience

If you’re writing a CV for the first time, read our tips on the essentials to include and how to overcome a lack of work experience.



How to write a great CV for financial services

Here are our tips on creating a great financial services CV.



Writing a great IT CV

Updating your IT CV? View our tips on creating the perfect CV; outlining what information to include and how to format your CV for IT jobs.



Top 10 tips for writing a great CV

Failing to follow CV writing best practice means your chances of ending up in the 'rejected' pile are higher. Here are 10 top tips to help you on the way.



7 CV mistakes letting you down

What can you do to ensure your CV gets noticed and placed on the shortlist pile? Here are 7 tips outlining the CV mistakes you need to avoid.

Cover Letter Advice

Writing a stand-out cover letter

The importance of a well-written cover letter or email should never be underestimated. Read our checklist.


Cover letter mistakes to avoid

Learn how to avoid these 8 common cover letter mistakes to ensure your job application doesn't end up in a hiring manager's bin.



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