Interview Tips

If you have an upcoming interview, here are some tips to help you prepare and secure your next role.

How to prepare for your next interview

Preparing for next interviewThe way you handle yourself during the interview is only one of several factors that ultimately determines whether you get the job, but it is one of the most important nonetheless. The following are some typical interview questions - and some insights on what a hiring manager may be looking for in your answers.


9 most common interview questions (and how to answer them)

9 most common interview questionsWhat are the most common interview questions? In our experience, some questions come up time and time again. Here are our tips on how to answer them.


What to expect in a second interview

You've impressed the hiring manager in your first job interview and now you’ve been invited back to meet the employer again. But you’re left wondering what should you expect in a second interview?


8 tips on preparing for a video interview

If you’re preparing for a skype or video interview, here are 8 tips for successful skype interviews.


Preparing for a telephone interview

Preparing for telephone interviewIf you’ve secured a telephone interview, here are 9 tips on successful preparation and how to create a great first impression over the phone.


5 questions to ask an interviewer

5 questions to ask in interviewWhen interviewing for a new job there are certain questions to ask an interviewer that will improve your chances of a job offer, here’s 5 to get you started.


Video: Essential body language interview tips

Body language in interviewThe words coming out of your mouth are only half of the battle during a job interview, as your body language will also play a key role, so it's vitally important that you get it right in order to boost your prospects. View our advice video from Estelle James, Director at Robert Half, for top tips on how to effectively present yourself in an interview.


How to prepare for an accountancy interview

Accountancy interviewGot a job interview coming up?  Here are our top tips on preparing for an accountancy interview, including the common questions you may be asked.


Major interview mistakes to avoid

Interview mistakesYou can have all the skill and experience in the world for your chosen profession, and possess a glittering CV full of impressive achievements. But if you're unable to showcase your talents effectively at interview, there's every danger you could end up getting stuck in a professional rut.


What to do after a bad interview

What to do after an interviewIf you’ve had a bad interview and didn’t get the job, it doesn’t always mean you’ve failed. Find out why by reading our tips on what to do after an interview.

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