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Our expert recruiters provide advice, tips and guidance on salaries and benefits, whether you want a higher starting salary, or to negotiate a pay rise in your existing role.

How to negotiate a payrise with your boss

Negotiating a payriseIf you are thinking of requesting a salary increase, watch these 4 simple tips - you'll be better positioned to ask, and receive, the pay you deserve.


Asking for a raise: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Asking for a payriseIf you're taking on additional responsibilities, working longer hours and not seeing any increases to you remuneration, then it's time to request a salary increase. Do you know how to negotiate a pay rise effectively? Here are our top tips for what to do, and what to avoid.

High-flyers: Are you getting buck for your bang?

Paid what you deserve?If you are working in a senior role - making decisions that affect your organisation on a daily basis - this should be reflected in your remuneration package. Executive jobs can be highly pressurised so you deserve to be well-paid and incentivised to perform.

Negotiating a pay rise with your current employer

Negotiating a payriseAs demand for employees picks up in an improving jobs market, many organisations are struggling to attract candidates with the desired skills and experience. This puts talented professionals in a stronger bargaining position, not only with potential hirers, but also with existing employers.

Top 5 tips for commanding a higher salary

5 tips for higher salaryDo you feel as if you're failing to maximise your earning capacity? If you're working in a complex and challenging role, it may be worth asking yourself if you are receiving fair remuneration for your efforts.

So you think you're worth more?

Worth more than you're paid?With many organisations struggling to attract people with the necessary level of skill and experience in the current market, talented professionals are very much empowered. Hiring managers are eager to bring in people who can add business value, and existing employers are desperate not to lose them.

How powerful are your negotiation techniques?

Negotiation techniquesCandidates who know how to negotiate effectively with a potential employer often have the opportunity to secure a higher salary offer, or a more attractive benefits package.


When to negotiate a better remuneration package

Negotiating a better packageIn a rapidly improving jobs market, many employers are struggling to acquire professionals with the skills and expertise needed to take their organisation forwards. This is creating opportunities for candidates who are able to supply what businesses are looking for - they can potentially strike a better deal when starting a new role.

Negotiate a higher starting salary

Negotiate higher starting salaryDo you feel as if you're failing to maximise your earning capacity? If you're working in a complex, challenging role, and adding significant value to your employer, ask yourself if you are receiving fair remuneration for your efforts?


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