The Hiring Process

No matter what your company’s product or service, your employees are your number one key to success. Hiring the best people will future-proof your business and help to increase profitability. That means hiring the right staff is one of the most important things you can do to ensure productivity and drive business performance. As one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies, Robert Half interviews and places thousands of professionals every day in meaningful employment - we are your local experts on hiring and workplace trends and can connect you with the most sought-after professionals in your industry.

To assist you in your hiring efforts, we have a number of articles and resources on how to hire that can help you attract and retain top talent.

How to hire the right staff

As employers engage in increased recruitment activity, they have a number of important decisions to make over appointments. They need to ensure the processes are in place to identify the right candidates, and ensure the terms of employment are suitably attractive to secure their services.

What to look for in a CV

What do recruiters look for in a CV and what can a CV tell you about a potential employee? Learn how to review a CV like a recruiter with these top tips.


The best interview questions to ask

The end goal of a job interview is to identify the best possible candidate for the role. Achieving this aim becomes much easier if you know which interview questions to ask and which answers to listen out for. Here are our selection of the best interview questions to ask.

Second interview questions to ask candidates

If you’re running a second round of interviews for your vacancy, here’s our selection of best second interview questions to ask candidates.


Checking references

If you're interviewing potential new employees, here are our top ten reference check questions to ask.


Streamlining the permanent recruitment process

HR departments and hiring managers need to think about what they can do to speed up the recruitment process, without sacrificing the thoroughness required to select the right candidate.

How to impress candidates at interview

Whatever your organisation, and the industry you are operating in, it is important to position yourself as an employer of choice where possible. Only by attracting the best talent can businesses meet growing customer expectations, particularly as they look to increase efficiencies and drive down costs.

Common barriers when recruiting

Alas, the hiring process does not always run smoothly. One of any number of issues has the potential to hamper organisations' attempts to take on new employees - here are some of the common barriers to recruiting a candidate with the requisite skills and experience.

What are the main issues for HR managers to consider?

The multi-faceted nature of their role means HR managers faced a variety of challenges - but what are the main issues keeping them awake at night?


SMEs: When is the right time to hire a new employee?

Taking on a new member of staff can be daunting for the smallest companies, but if you are already working at full tilt, it is the only way to boost your revenues - other than putting your prices up. Turning away work only serves to boost the competition, as customers are forced to contact a rival operator to get a job done or buy a product they need.

Why hire an interim manager

How can you put your various skills and years of professional experience to best use? It's a question many people ask themselves at some point in their career - perhaps because they are eager to boost their earning capacity, or feel the need for a new challenge.

Accountancy jobs: The soft skills you need to succeed

With the market for skilled and experienced accountants tightening, organisations are having to work harder to attract and retain top talent. This is forcing employers to offer more attractive pay and benefits packages their preferred candidates, in a bid to hire and retain the top performers.

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