Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are essential for good managers. We’ve included topics from effective team-building, to the skills required to motivate and manage staff. 

Creating and managing a dream team

 In business, just like sport, everyone in the team matters – from the new signing to the star player. As a manager, you’re responsible for motivating, mentoring, and coaching each individual to build the best performing team for your company. Learn how you can coach your team to greater success, whatever the game with our guide.

Bring your problem solving skills to the boardroom

 What exactly is it about senior executives that sets them apart from everybody else? We're talking about the rare quality or qualities that elevate them above the rest of the workforce. Clearly there's a lot more to reaching the boardroom than studying hard, working long hours and waiting for the big promotion opportunity.

What makes an effective people manager?

 If you are working in a managerial position, what should you be doing to encourage the best possible performance from your team? What exactly do the best bosses do to be successful? Here is our list of top behaviours and characteristics for effective people managers.

Honing your coaching skills

coaching-skills As an employer, it is vitally important to show a clear commitment to the professional development of your workers. Employees are understandably eager to progress with their respective careers, and as such, they recognise the value of employer training, mentoring and coaching in helping them move up the ladder.

The greatest leaders of all time

 What exactly makes a great leader? Whether you believe people are born to succeed, or can acquire the skills needed to rise to the top, it is clear there are certain traits and characteristics such individuals have in common.




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