Staff Retention

As a hiring manager, if employee engagement and retention aren’t on your priority list yet - they should be. The UK jobs market has changed, and many employers are finding that they no longer hold all the cards when it comes to retaining staff in today’s fast paced environment. Employees no longer prioritise holding a tenure with their current company over seeking a job elsewhere that better suits their lifestyle and career aspirations.

This means that if you’re not doing all you can to keep your staff happy, you could be at greater risk of losing your best talent (and future business leaders) to your competitors. The following staff retention articles provide practical advice on boosting employee engagement, morale and motivation and help your business develop an effective employee retention strategy.

The importance of employee development

 Employers recognise that, if they want to attract and retain top talent, they need to show a commitment to staff development. Here's an outline of why developing your staff is crucial for any business. 


Retaining your staff: Beware the 6 year itch

 Are your staff itching to leave? OfficeTeam’s infographic shows the average time UK workers stay with their employers plus easy to implement tips on retaining your best staff for longer.

Temp jobs: The gateway to the permanent workforce?

 When organisations decide to increase their headcount, they have two options: to take on a permanent member of staff, or to hire somebody on a temporary basis. The latter approach offers greater flexibility, both from a financial and administrative perspective, and in terms of reacting quickly to changes in workforce demand.

Can flexible benefits help retain talented workers?

 As an employer, what can you do to keep your top talent on board? Very often, there comes a point where it is impossible to retain workers in their current role - they either need to be promoted, or move to progress with their career. But the longer employers are able to keep their talent happy the better.

Boost engagement, motivation and productivity

 It is no secret that engaged and motivated employees are more productive, yet many businesses fail to keep their staff happy and positive. Despite this, formulating a team that approaches work with both vigour and passion is difficult to execute.

Salary & benefits to lure top talent

 Don’t be surprised if your top job candidate choices receive multiple offers today. While the UK’s overall unemployment rate remains relatively high, educated, highly trained accountancy and finance professionals with niche, specialised skill sets are enjoying low unemployment rates. 

The value of employee training

 Employers recognise the value in having a skilled workforce, but all too often, they treat training as something of an afterthought. Particularly when the finances are tight, skills development programmes are one of the first things to be sacrificed.

How to carry out an exit interview

 Employers fully understand the damage caused by staff attrition, in terms of direct and indirect cost to their organisation. The loss of key workers can impact on overall productivity and morale levels, and the need to advertise a role, interview candidates and on-board the new recruit inevitably leads to further expenditure.

7 ideas for improving staff retention

 How will you retain and re-energise your best employees during a changing economy? Especially one that may offer tempting opportunities for them to jump ship. Here are our top tips for retaining your key staff.

Job satisfaction index [infographic]

 Findings show that six in 10 UK employees are happy in their jobs, with one in five of these going so far as to say they are very happy, according to the ‘Job Satisfaction Index'. 


30 Creative Ideas for Boosting Morale and Retention

With managers becoming increasingly worried about finding and retaining employees, how can they reward top performers and prevent them from seeking other opportunities? Read our tips.

25 Tips For Boosting Staff Motivation

Are your employees passionate about their jobs? Do they come to the office every day eager to contribute to the company goals? If not, read our 25 tips on boosting employee motivation and engagement.




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