Recruiting: How to avoid common hiring mistakes

Hiring mistakes can't always be avoided but the implications are always serious. Lowered productivity, demotivated employees and additional re-recruiting are just some of the real costs of a bad hire.

Recruiting Challenges

The UK job market has evolved to become one of strong employer demand. The supply of jobs is exceeding the number of skilled professionals in many areas. As such, the implications of a bad hire can be far more costly to a company than a few years ago. This can have serious repercussions for employers as the time and expense taken recruiting and onboarding a new employee can leave business-critical tasks undone.

Making the right hiring decisions has never been more important.

Recruiting advice

What are the signs that a hiring mistake has been made? What are the consequences of poor hiring decisions? And how can you minimise the impact of a bad hire? Find out in our Management Insights report. It also covers:

  • Why do recruiting mistakes happen?
  • How should you address a wrong hiring decision?
  • Recruiting dos and don'ts

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