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Small Business Advice Guides for Hiring, Managing and Retaining Staff

Every small and midsize business wants to grow. To do so, they must ensure they have a strong, dynamic team of employees. Small and midsize firms face a unique challenge in this respect, as they must compete with the extensive resources of larger companies when trying to hire the best talent.

But as a business owner or manager, you can recruit and retain the best candidates if armed with the right recruitment tools and strategies. To assist you, we have created a number of guides containing advice for SMEs to help recruit and retain the talent you need for your team.

Read Robert Half's SME leadership guides to gain advice and tips for your staffing needs:

An SME guide to finance with foresight

The finance department has been on a transformational journey in recent years. As the economic recovery gathers pace, the focus is on how finance can influence the strategic growth agenda. Finance leaders are experimenting with analytical tools and techniques to help them shape their organisations' future direction.

Download our report, 'Finance with Foresight' and discover the five key areas where finance teams are innovating to deliver greater strategic insights and to deepen their influence on board-level decisions. The report includes:

  • How finance is delivering strategic, forward-looking insights
  • Why finance teams are investing in cloud technology
  • Which core skills are critical for effective finance teams
  • How finance professionals are translating data into management insight
  • How finance teams are preparing for the future.

Download SME guide to finance with foresight.

20 ideas for SME businesses and pitfalls to avoid

This SME advice guide identifies five key areas you can address today to help your business stay on track throughout the year. It covers:

  • Retention – You kept your team during the tough economy... don't lose them now
  • Hiring – Have a plan... or risk turning away business
  • Culture – Your business has one... make it positive
  • Social Media – Your presence matters... participate and listen
  • Planning - Invest in technology... prevention is key

Download 20 ideas for SME businesses

Leadership strategies – A guide for SMEs

Talented and dedicated employees are the heart and soul of any business. But did you know a survey revealed that 80% of UK directors are concerned about losing their best staff?

Our SME advice guide, 'Leadership Strategies', will help you motivate and retain the team you need to succeed. Learn useful tips, such as how to:

  • Motivate and re-engage your employees
  • Ensure you retain your most valuable staff
  • Identify the warning signs of retention issues

Download leadership strategies - a guide for SMEs

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