12 promising jobs for 2012

Jobs in finance and information technology are expected to dominate the jobs market in 2012, according to the 2012 Salary Guides from recruitment specialist Robert Half.

London, 7 February 2012: Jobs in finance and information technology (IT) are expected to dominate the jobs market in 2012, according to the 2012 Salary Guides from recruitment specialist Robert Half.  They forecast a dual job market, where specialist roles requiring highly skilled professionals will continue to be in demand, despite general uncertainty facing the economy and jobs market.  

Companies recognise that they need to find ways to grow their business, but that they also need to prepare for possible new markets and industry developments, particularly in the sphere of finance, accounting and IT. Other professional occupations in human resources and professional administrative capacities will also see increases in demand and remuneration in the coming year.

The following is an overview of 12 high-potential jobs for 2012 and their national salary averages. (For a list of regional variances, please see below).

1. Mobile Applications Developers -As companies strive to reach consumers on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, they need professionals who can develop for the small screen. Starting salaries for mobile applications developers are projected to range between £31,000 and £55,500, a 10.5% increase over 2011 levels.

2. Regulatory Specialists - With an increased focus on government regulations and the need for transparency in today’s market, those with specific regulatory expertise, particularly around capital adequacy and liquidity are in high demand.  Salaries for regulatory accounting managers within the financial services industry are projected between £78,750 and £95,000 for 2012.

3. Newly Qualified Accountants – The onset of the past downturn resulted in many public practice firms slowing their graduate intake for their training accounting scheme. A few years on, there is a resulting shortage of qualified professionals to help companies manage emerging business opportunities. Newly qualified accountants can expect base remuneration between £30,000 and £48,000.

4. IT Project Managers – Companies looking to improve efficiencies through investments in technology are looking for project managers to oversee large scale implementations for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and/or migration to cloud computing. IT project managers should expect base remuneration in the range of £36,250 and £71,000.

5. Executive Assistants – With companies forced to do more with less, the traditional EA/PA role has been replaced with a professional charged with greater responsibility, from office management and operations support through marketing, basic accounting, even HR administration. This expansion of responsibility comes with additional remuneration, with national average salaries in the range of £28,250 to £41,500.

6. Financial Reporting Analysts  - As companies prepare for growth, they seek experienced analysts who can help them understand the story behind the financial data and identify further expansion opportunities. Financial reporting analysts with four to seven years post-qualification experience within the financial services sector should anticipate starting salaries between £55,250 and £66,000.

7. Marketing Assistants – Advancements in online and social media has resulted in increased demand for marketers skilled in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as basic search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) experience. While often an administrative function within the marketing team, there is excellent opportunity for advancement. Salaries range between £18,000 and £22,500.

8. Management Accountants – With the finance team playing a critical role in a company’s strategic direction, management accountants are required to help formulate policies as well as plan and control growth initiatives. Base salary ranges between £34,500 and £56,500 for experienced qualified accountants.

9. HR Business Partners – As companies look to grow and cultivate their existing workforce, HR business partners who share the vision and strategy of the organisation are required to help realise business goals. Ideally, this individual can see issues from both the employer and employee point of view to resolve any disputes. HR business partners will see remuneration between £35,000 and £60,000 in the coming year.

10. C# / Java Developers – With companies looking for more sophisticated databases to meet current and future needs for data storage and reporting, applications developers, particularly in C# and Java programming languages will be in increased demand. Salaries are forecasted between £31,750 and £58,500 throughout 2012.

11. Credit Controllers – As cash flow remains a priority for businesses, credit controllers are required to ensure payment terms are met. Annual base salaries range between £18,000 and £30,250.

12. Network Engineers – Companies' networks are more intricate than ever, increasing the need for those who can ensure the efficient and secure transfer of data and information. Starting salaries for network engineers are expected to rise between £33,000 and £46,500.

Phil Sheridan, managing director of Robert Half UK, commented: “Despite certain macroeconomic challenges, most companies are looking at ways to grow their businesses and are finding that remuneration to secure the best and brightest remains competitive. Senior executives continue to focus on managing expenditures, resulting in a thorough and targeted recruitment strategy where new hires need to provide an immediate return on investment, thus contributing to the bottom line.”

“We’re seeing the emergence of a dual economy, where candidates with in-demand specialisms such as specific accountancy or IT skills coupled with a strong commercial acumen will find themselves highly sought after by employers.”