Head in the clouds?

Robert Half Technology predicts the impact cloud technology will have on the skills needed by IT professionals

London, 8 June 2011 – Cloud computing promises to revolutionise the way businesses operate and, in turn, completely transform the delivery of IT services in UK organisations. With the integration of cloud computing technology expected to increase rapidly in coming years, specialist technology recruitment consultancy Robert Half Technology predicts that it will have a significant impact on the skills needed by IT professionals.

Neil Hedges, senior manager at Robert Half Technology has the following predictions:

  • “Many organisations, including the UK government, have been slow adopters of cloud computing, citing security and data confidentiality as key reasons for delaying the implementation. Public services are therefore missing the opportunity to harness the power and potential savings of the cloud. It is important for UK organisations to closely monitor their US and Asian counterparts to learn best practices and implement at home.”
  • “The IT industry is currently undergoing a skills shortage, with many projects that were put on hold during the recession back on track. While the general understanding of cloud computing is increasing, the cloud has yet to be used to its full potential in lessening the burden of the current IT skills shortage.”
  • “If more companies employ hosted cloud solutions, we expect that it could alleviate the skills shortages in some areas where they currently exist, but create shortages in other roles. While it will likely reduce the need for IT personnel in server roles, IT professionals will expectedly move into other roles within the industry including business intelligence, security, business systems analysis and solution architecture.”
  • “We expect that this will impact the training of IT professionals, in University and technical programmes, prompting a shift of IT professionals into other roles within the industry. There will also likely be greater need for IT contractors and project managers to help companies become cloud ready as well as permanent staff to ensure security and data protection.”
  • “We’re already seeing some UK companies change the way they use IT support post-cloud solution implementation, and we predict that this is going to continue. Already cloud solutions are freeing up time for IT departments, allowing them to focus more on business strategy and end-user training – so it’s something that both companies and IT professionals need to start planning for.”