Finance with foresight report

The finance department has been on a transformational journey in recent years. As the economic recovery gathers pace, the focus is on how finance can influence the strategic growth agenda. Finance leaders are experimenting with analytical tools and techniques to help them shape their organisations' future direction.

Download our latest report, 'Finance with Foresight' and discover the five key areas where finance teams are innovating to deliver greater strategic insights and to deepen their influence on board-level decisions. The report includes:

  • How finance is delivering strategic, forward-looking insights
  • Why finance teams are investing in cloud technology
  • Which core skills are critical for effective finance teams
  • How finance professionals are translating data into management insight
  • How finance teams are preparing for the future.

About the Report

The Robert Half Management Resources report is an independent report based on a survey of 202 finance executives including CFOs, Finance Directors and Deputy Finance Directors across small and medium-sized enterprises and large businesses in the UK.